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08.12.2021 – 16:28

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From do-it-yourself to the creator economy: In an increasingly insecure and digital environment, the home will become an individual status symbol and place of retreat in the future. That is one of the central results of the current Einhell Delphi study “Home 2030”, which was carried out by the WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management on behalf of Einhell Germany AG.

Trend towards creative self-realization

60 recognized experts for the home from a wide variety of areas – from architects and journalists to owners and managers of DIY stores and media workers to tool manufacturers and well-known scientists have brought their views of things into the Einhell Delphi study and scenarios for the importance of their own home developed in 2030. In contrast to survey-based studies, in a Delphi study selected experts discuss pre-formulated future projections and their probability of occurrence. “For the results of the study, it was important to find experts from various social classes and industries in order to get the most comprehensive possible perspective on the topic“, emphasizes the head of the study, Professor Dr. Sascha L. Schmidt, head of the Center for Sports and Management at the WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management.

The experts agreed that in 2030 the residents will invest significantly more in modernizing and renovating their own homes than they do today. This development is driven, among other things, by the need for investments to protect against extreme weather phenomena, corresponding subsidies by the legislature and the growing trend towards do-it-yourself (DIY). “To be creative in their own four walls and in the garden is becoming part of their lives for more and more people. Recalling analog hobbies in an increasingly digital world is promoting the trend towards self-realization. This is why DIY activities will become the most popular leisure activities in 2030 count in Germany “, according to the head of the study, Professor Dr. Sascha L. Schmidt.

The experts are convinced that the increasingly easier access to technologies such as 3-D printing, augmented and virtual reality will contribute to this. On the other hand, tradespeople services are becoming increasingly expensive and scarce. There is a shortage of tens of thousands of craftsmen nationwide and, according to the German Economic Institute, the active craftsmen already have more jobs than they can handle.

Von Do-it-Yourself zur Creator Economy

In the course of the renovation work, the home will also be converted into a “smart home”. “In 2030 at least 80 percent of all apartments in Germany will be smart. Noticeable efficiency advantages are increasingly convincing users and a gradual improvement in the price-performance ratio of corresponding product offerings is likely,” is another significant result of the study.

The DIY movement, which is already alive today, is gradually developing into the “creator economy”. “In 2030, home will be the primary status symbol on social media”, says Professor Dr. Sascha L. Schmidt. “People are proud of what they have created with their own hands and are happy to show it to the rest of the world. The acceptance and authenticity of the home as a place of well-being thus becomes a natural stage for social media activities.”

Social distancing fördert Cocooning

According to the Einhell Delphi study, this increase in the importance of the home is also promoted by other factors, such as the increasing merging of work and private life, keyword home office. “Work-from-home” is therefore becoming part of everyday life for more and more people: “In 2030, every second employee will be spending their entire working hours at home”, according to another key statement of the study. On the one hand, noticeable efficiency advantages for employees contribute to this, as do positive “transfer effects” such as a better work-life balance and possible environmental relief.

Overall, this leads to a significantly increased cocooning: “In 2030, people in Germany will spend at least 75 percent of their time at home“, says study leader Professor Dr. Sascha L. Schmidt. Above all the technological progress of applications, also for elderly people and people with disabilities, as well as a possible accumulation of extreme situations like pandemics and subsequent, gradual changes in behavior like social distancing are driving this development.

Background to the Einhell-Delphi study

Their own four walls have always been of great emotional importance to people – as a safe haven as well as a space for self-realization. “As a leading manufacturer of do-it-yourself and gardening tools, it is extremely exciting for us to take a look into the possible future of the home. The world is currently changing at breakneck speed. It is more important than ever to pause and look in which direction the course could develop in relation to our core market. Not least in order to assess whether our product portfolio is also in line with future developments and the resulting customer needs “, Julian Bohry, Marketing Manager at Einhell Germany AG, explains the background of the future study.

“The results encourage us to expand our battery platform even further and to support people in developing their home into an attractive place of well-being and a showpiece.” The Power-X-Change platform from Einhell already comprises more than 200 devices that can be operated with one and the same battery. By 2025 there should be as many as 350 devices.

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