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10.01.2022 – 09:25

German Media Manufactory (DMM), FLOW

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In the new year, the mindfulness magazine FLOW takes readers on a special journey: Under the motto “Learn and grow personally”, 2022 is all about personal development. Scientific articles and experience reports show how crucial learning is for satisfaction in private and professional life. Six issues also contain booklets with mini courses. The editorial offer is supplemented by new FLOW COACHING video courses in cooperation with Sinnsucher.de, Instagram coaching offers and various social media campaigns by the brand.

Tanja Reuschling, FLOW editor-in-chief: “Especially in these times, many of us are looking. The pandemic is constantly presenting us with new challenges and has at the same time made us question our lives here and there. We have noticed how flexible we are And that, despite stress and unease, a feeling of satisfaction arises when we have overcome boundaries and tackled something new. Much is now possible that was previously difficult to imagine. This is where we want to start, encourage our readers to come up with new ones Give impulses and support them to grow personally. ”

The offensive starts in FLOW No. 63, from tomorrow in stores, with a contribution about how learning enriches and is good for us. The editors also regularly report on their experiences with activities that broaden their horizons, new hobbies, methods and their own aha effects. From FLOW 02/2022 (EVT: March 1st) a mini-course full of suggestions, insights and exercises for personal development is enclosed with each issue. A total of six bound inserts will be published for collecting. The third FLOW edition “Alles im Wandel” will be released on April 12th. In addition to the existing ones, further FLOW-COACHING courses will be launched, and there will be the next FLOW Instagram-Coaching on the subject of bullet journaling on January 16. There will be new creative time workshops on current trend techniques such as hand lettering, watercolor and gouache, but also hobbies such as knitting & Co. You can find out more about this in the Kreativzeit newsletter.

Images such as the current cover and editorial, the action button and the portrait photo are available: HERE

About FLOW: FLOW is the mindfulness magazine for people who want to see life differently. Eight times a year the Mindstyle magazine provides a variety of inspirations, insights and positive food for thought for a more fulfilling life and more joy in the moment. Experts from the fields of positive psychology, mindfulness, philosophy and personality development have their say and reflect on current moods and new developments in society. The magazine is characterized by a loving design, many illustrations and extensive equipment with many types of paper and extras.

About Deutsche Medien-Manufaktur (DMM): The publishing group Deutsche Medien-Manufaktur (DMM) is a joint venture of the Landwirtschaftsverlag Münster and Gruner + Jahr Germany, each of which has a 50 percent stake. The DMM includes the brands LANDLUST, ESSEN & TRINKEN, ESSEN & TRINKEN FOR EVERY DAY, LIVING AT HOME, LAND & BERGE, FLOW, SIMPLY HOME-MADE, HYGGE and LANDLUST ZUHAUS.

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