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12.01.2022 – 11:56

District police authority Rhein-Kreis Neuss

Neuss (ots)

On Tuesday (January 11th) the head of the police department Heidi Fahrenholz introduced a new district service officer of the Neuss-Norf district service. Together with Mayor Reiner Breuer and the head of the guard in Neuss, Chief Police Inspector Johannes Polke, she officially welcomed the new officer. Police Commissioner Andrea Zeleken has been grazing the districts of Rosellen, Rosellerheide, Neuenbaum and Allerheiligen since December. She succeeds Günter Zeiger, who has already gone into well-deserved retirement. The 53-year-old grew up in Neuss and also went to school here. In the 1990s, however, she lived in Mexico for a while and therefore speaks Spanish as well. Her apprenticeship began in Linnich in October 1996. From 1999 onwards I went to the Hilden police for four years, then to Neuss in April 2003, whatever the wish. Until November 2021, she worked in security and exchange duty at the Neuss station – a time that she would not want to miss. But after 19 years it was time for a change. It was the wish of the police superintendent to be deployed in the district service and to take over the districts of Rosellen, Rosellerheide, Neuenbaum and Allerheiligen there. Andrea Zeleken has been happily married to her husband, who is also a colleague, since 2000. They have three children together, two boys and a girl. Her hobbies are horse riding, yoga and enjoying life, as she likes to say. Andrea Zeleken has been riding since she was 9 years old and also has a horse with which she can often be found in the Mühlenbusch. She is looking forward to her new job and already has a project in mind: from March she would like to offer a citizens’ consultation hour in Mühlenbusch. The idea here is to have an open ear for the citizens and to combine this with a walk in the beautiful Mühlenbusch. She has set her sights on the first Saturday of each month, with the meeting point at 3 p.m. at the Waldstrasse car park. The first appointment is Saturday, March 5th, 2022. The district officers of the Neuss district police authority are important police contacts for citizens, institutions, associations and facilities. The district service has an open ear for the concerns of its citizens and is present when it patrols its area on foot. But he also executes arrest warrants, supports road safety work and records complaints. 45 district officials are out and about throughout the district, on foot, by bike or by scooter. Every civil servant is responsible for around 10,000 citizens. Each police station has its district officer. Who is available as a contact person in detail can be found at the respective office or on the Internet (https://rhein-kreis-neuss.polizei.nrw/ under the heading “On site”).

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