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25.10.2021 – 12:11


Munich (ots)

Which pairings can we look forward to in “Let’s Love”?

Jana Ina: The best thing about “Let’s Love” is that everyone is welcome here. Anyone who believes in love. Anyone who wishes to find the perfect partner. No matter how old he is, no matter who he loves. Everyone is welcome here. We have all sorts of couples with us. We have older people, we have young people. We have people who come to us with their pets. We have gay couples. I think it’s so great. In the end, everything that moves us in life is love and as long as people love and respect each other, everything is allowed. We show that with “Let’s Love”.

What happened in the huts? Can you reveal something about that?

Jana Ina: Of course, I am not allowed to reveal so much about what happened in the huts. It was sometimes really, really funny, but also emotional. Of course, the couples got to know each other particularly well. They are together 24 hours a day, day and night. They have to share a bedroom, take care of themselves, cook. They talked a lot and laughed a lot. Many simply discovered that they shared hobbies, such as sports, and then trained together. We really saw a lot and the audience can really look forward to it.

Which romantic moment do you particularly remember in the huts?

Jana Ina: In general, I always find it very nice when the couples are honest and get emotional. Once the tears came because the two hut residents were so emotional. There was a couple who even threw their wishes into a brazier. It was really a very, very special moment. I can already say to the audience: “Get the handkerchiefs”. It gets emotional with us too.

Are there also “Let’s Love” couples?

Jana Ina: Of course, I’m not allowed to reveal that, but looks are sometimes worth a thousand words. (Laughs and shows a heart with his fingers!)

How did a day on set look like for you?

Jana Ina: We were lucky enough to shoot “Let’s Love” near Cologne. We were in the Eifel. As a working mum, the day always started very early for me: getting the kids ready, going to school. Then I was usually made up at home. During the time I was driving to school, my make-up artist arrived and set everything up. Then we got ready, drove an hour towards the Eifel. There we had the meeting with the editors, who told me what was happening today and which candidates we were meeting. Then of course I got all the information about the candidates, which I always learn to see who he or she is, what they want, whether they have pets with them, all sorts of things. Then I always got my texts. There was the styling check – then changing clothes every now and then, freshening up make-up again. Let’s go to the huts. We always have three huts in the show and that’s why I always had to jump from one to the other and tell the story of the respective hut or receive someone new. So we actually always rotate the whole day, of course with a lunch break – until everything is turned off. Then it’s back to Cologne. Those are long days, but really nice days. We are there in nature. The cabins are beautiful. The candidates were all so great. It was a lot of fun!

What are you looking forward to most in “Let’s Love”?

Jana Ina: Of course I am most happy with “Let’s Love” when there are happy couples in love afterwards. That is why we are here. We all believe in love and wish that hopeless singles would come to us and then come out as happy people in love. I know my stuff and think I have great dating tips. That’s why I always talk to the singles before they move in. I just want everyone who comes to us to have the opportunity to find love.

How do you like the concept of the new dating show?

Jana Ina: I think the concept of Let’s Love is really unique. There has never been a dating show like this. We know dating shows that are always aimed at a group, for example only for certain age groups. Is not available here. We only have people who believe in love. There are young people who are still looking, but also older people who are still looking. Everyone is welcome. I think that’s really great. You are in a beautiful hut, out in nature, where you are undisturbed. You are completely focused on yourself for 24 hours. So real slow dating – away from quick swipes and that’s really great. Most people experience in one day what normal couples who go on dates do in a week. With us it happens in 24 intensive hours!

What is going to be the most exciting for the couple?

Jana Ina: For the couples it is of course very exciting to learn “Who is coming to me? Who is my blind date?” They do not know who they are meeting. Then they have to consider: do we fit together? They know they stay in the cabin 24 hours and are together all the time. I don’t know what makes this person tick, what this person eats. We also had vegans with us. That means that the date partner must first find out and then adjust to it. You have to be open to get to know someone really well and to live with that person. It’s really intense. I assume that we are the most intense dating format ever. This is definitely the most exciting thing for our singles.

Can you already reveal something about the candidates?

Jana Ina: Of course, I can’t reveal that much yet. But I can already tell you that we will have a lot of different singles from all age groups in the huts. They are really in a very good mood. They all have one goal: to find love! You are really dear to my heart. It will be a really great thing.

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