10 great games of 2021 that have gone unnoticed

2021 has come to an end, and it is time to take stock of all the video games that have been released this year. We’ll talk about great games, disappointing ones … and the usual sleepers.

Sometimes some video games have a big impact when they go on sale, but are quickly forgotten. Even, many times they do not even reach that status at any time.

Be clear that a video game is not better if it is better known. A clear example is Sable, an indie title released for Microsoft platforms that has amazed us despite being unknown to the general public.

This can happen with AAA games as well. Do you remember the remake of Nier Replicant? A few months ago it was on the lips of many, but within weeks people just stopped talking about the title.

Unknown (but very good) PS4 games you should play before making the jump to PS5

This is our list of not very well known but worthwhile PS4 games, PlayStation 4 games that you should play before making the leap to PS5.


Then you will know 10 high-quality games, were released this year and passed without pain or glory by the general public. Be careful, we are not talking about the critics, but about the majority public.

Do you want to know what they are? Well discover these 10 great games of 2021 that have gone unnoticed… and they are undoubtedly among the best of this year on PC and consoles.



Sometimes action is not necessary to keep us trapped on the screen. This is demonstrated by the imaginative Lake, indie title developed by Whitethorn Digital, which is a perfect option to start 2022. Its careful setting and characters are more than enough to hook us.

As Meredith, our task is to rescue our father’s old post office job.

We will meet very unique characters, while we deliver packages and explore this charming town in the middle of 1986. One of those much-needed games in the middle of 2021.


If you like horror games, Mundaun is one of the great surprises we have had in 2021. Based on works like The Witch, this Hidden Fields title takes us to the Swiss Alps, while telling us a terrifying story inspired by folklore and legends of that country.

In Mundaun we will live a terrifying experience, which does not need great effects or monsters. Its setting, the silence of each stage and the experiences of its protagonist they are more than enough to trap you in their world. A very remarkable horror adventure.


One of the best games of the year, which despite its indie status has convinced us much more than certain AAA.

Sable, exclusive to Microsoft platforms and developed by Shedworks, is an open-world game that explores themes such as bravery, vocation, and freedom.

It doesn’t have great fights, but Sable needs a beautiful artistic section, interesting playable mechanics and imaginative situations to win you over. It looks a lot like Breath of the Wild, but manages to create its own identity. Try it, don’t hesitate for a second.


The scale of TES V: Skyrim is such that mod-based video games are even made for the Bethesda RPG.

The best of all might as well be The Forgotten City, which in 2021 has become an independent game thanks to Modern Storyteller. Incredible but true.

The Forgotten City is a graphic adventure set in Ancient Rome, whose suspenseful plot will catch you from the first moment. As a traveler from the future, you will have to find clues, talk to NPCs, complete missions and unmask the mystery of this timeless city.


One of the best games released for PS5 to date. Housemarque offered us a spectacular science fiction roguelike, which will dazzle you with its artistic section, terrible alien abominations and a high difficulty. Returnal is a tough game, no question.

As Selene, trapped on the changing planet Atropos, we will have to leave the different biomes alive, while we overcome the time loop that limits us. There are many weapons, outfits and upgrades, as well as a plot that has a few surprises in store for you.


Takayuki Yagami is back in Lost Judgment, the long-awaited sequel to the spin-off of the Yakuza saga for PlayStation and Xbox.

This detective action adventure presents us with an adult plot full of twists, iconic characters, exploration, investigation and intense combat.

Although the plot focus is its main attraction, Yagami will live her own life in the cities of Kamurocho and Yokohama, doing daily activities, playing minigames and interacting with other characters. Lost Judgment is huge, and it has nothing to envy to other sandboxes.


Outer Wilds is one of the best space exploration games we’ve seen. Mobius Digital decided to double down with the Echoes of the Eye expansion, which offers tons of new content, as well as a new setting that is close to terror.

Echoes of the Eye is a great expansion, and to activate it we have to solve a small subplot in Outer Wilds.

Although it is set in a single location, this expansion provides a new style, new game mechanics, and tons of incentives to continue exploring.


We are surprised (and very) not to see Nier Replicant see. 1.2247 on the best of the year lists. Square Enix and Toylogic were able to successfully reinvent the original game (which was exclusive to PS3 and did not come out of Japan) and connect seamlessly with the events of Nier Automata.

This remake of Nier Replicant is a great action RPG, with frenetic combat and improved compared to the base game, side missions, revised playable mechanics and a beautiful technical section. It is not a game for everyone, but its quality is beyond doubt.


We were not expecting much and we have been amazed, we must admit. Eidos Montreal has embroidered it with Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

A video game that puts the name of Guardians of the Galaxy at the top. If you like the saga or the UCM, it is a great option.

Guardians of the Galaxy is a copy of the IP comics and movies, with a great science fiction story, fun fighting, very striking mechanics (the relationships between characters), key decisions. Oh, and we don’t forget its impeccable setting. A AAA that well deserves its name.


Hell Let Loose

It is not the only multiplayer shooter of the year, but Hell Let Loose has surprised us a lot, as it has nothing to envy to AAA titles.

Developed by Black Matter, this MMO shooter was one of the free PS Plus games and you can play it on PlayStation, Xbox and PC. Hell Let Loose is set in World War II, and incorporates a tactical factor that other similar games do not have..

Exploring the scenarios is vital, as well as correctly managing ammunition and weapons. Every action counts, and you must lead your team to victory. Highly recommended

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They may be less known than other games, but these 10 titles will surprise you with their great quality and will enter your personal ranking of best games of 2022, although they were published last year. We assure you.

Have you played any of these games? Do you think any of them deserved to be nominated for GOTY? With 2021 over, all that remains is to prepare for a 2022 that seems impressive for those of us who love video games.