10 reasons men don’t write back

As soon as we start texting with a man, he backs down and just doesn’t answer anymore. We’ll tell you all the reasons why men don’t write back.

Text: Annika Maass and Sarah-Maria Köpf

The typical situation: You are dating a hot guy, are in the middle of getting to know each other and are already envisioning a joint and wonderful relationship with him. But this idea breaks immediately as soon as he suddenly stops answering and takes an unusual pause while writing. Depending on the duration of your Getting to know you phase it is completely normal if there is radio silence for a few hours or even a day. There really is no need to worry, because there are so many ways he can’t answer right now. Before you panic and worry about what you’ve done wrong, let’s calm you down. It is only seldom that we women are to blame for the fact that men no longer answer us. We know that it is not always easy with the Lords of Creation and that is precisely why we started looking for the ten most common reasons why he does not always write back immediately (and sometimes actually not at all).

1. You didn’t ask a question

Your text was not a message that you absolutely have to reply to. No question, no answer – the male rule of communication is that simple. So don’t get excited, just ask a new question and see if he answers. If he still ignores you, then the answer is clear and you’ve probably been ghosted.

2. He doesn’t answer because he’s not a scribe

In the beginning he sent several text messages a day, now only when he wants to know what to eat. Well, welcome to everyday life. You won’t make a prolific writer out of a WhatsApp phobic either. Just lower your expectations a bit. Is he probably just lazy to write or doesn’t want to hang around on the phone all the time?

3. He’s probably watching a movie

He already wrote to you in the morning that he really wanted to watch this new film on Netflix this evening. So don’t be surprised if he doesn’t answer at the same time. After all, he let you know beforehand. And what man would want to miss how this one action scene ends – just because he’s typing? In this case, do not interpret his behavior as lazy to write and give him the chance to resume communication on his own.

4. Work calls

It’s not an excuse, it’s often the reality of 9-to-5. If he then goes to the sport (of course we don’t necessarily complain), it is clear that there is little time to check the news. After all, in a happy relationship, each partner should still have time for work and hobbies.

5. He is with his family

Instead of constantly fighting with his parents because he is only busy with the cell phone, he prefers to switch it off completely for a few hours and enjoy the time together. Kind of cute, right? There are positive feelings again!

6. He thinks about the perfect answer

You just left him speechless with your sweet message. Of course, he has to keep up and think about how he can come around the corner with the perfect answer without it sounding too cheesy or desperate. Men are just as often insecure as we are and want to meet all the expectations of the introductory phase …

7. He’s doing bro things with his boys right now

Men among themselves. He has been looking forward to his boys’ night for a long time. Football, video games and beer get his attention first, and that’s perfectly fine. After all, on a real girls ‘evening, we don’t want to hear from the boys either, and we calmly devote ourselves to our home spa and girls’ talk.

8. He’s probably still asleep

No, not because he met another woman last night, but because he was out with his boys. We also need our beauty sleep! As soon as he wakes up he will see your messages and reply. So do not stress yourself and distract yourself with other things for a long time.

9. He’s not interested (or only in sex)

Okay, has it been a week now? Then it is rather unlikely that he will still be asleep, be with his family or work. If he was really interested, he would take the time after his activities and get in touch. If he doesn’t, he probably ghosted you. If he suddenly reports unexpectedly, usually in the middle of the night, you can conclude that he is not interested in you as a person, but only in sex. This is called a booty call. But it doesn’t matter, because then he doesn’t deserve you!

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He doesn’t answer: Is that ghosting?

There are a lot of dating phenomena now. This also includes ghosting, in which your partner simply makes himself invisible. How do you know you’ve been ghosted? If your date or friend no longer calls you, ignores your calls and also no longer holds meetings, you can assume that he has decided to cut off contact. Unfortunately, ghosting is unpredictable, but there are certain things you should do if you become a victim of it. If he doesn’t answer for several weeks, you can accept his decision without saying anything and try to get on with your life. After all, you deserve a man who does mean more seriously to you and not write to other women, which is often the case.

You can do that when he ghosts you

The second option might be an option if you’ve been dating for a while and he suddenly ran away. Her can ask him the question. “What happened?” or “did I hurt you?” In doing so, you should not blame him under any circumstances. He may actually answer the questions, or he may not. In this case, you should by no means continue to write and just leave him alone. He may be prioritizing other things, which is exactly what you should be doing now. We don’t need a man to feel strong anyway, do we ladies?