10 tips to organize your personal finances and start investing from scratch | 1 billion

In a scenario full of uncertainties, caused mainly by the pandemic and the economic crisis in the country, many Brazilians found investments as a solution to guarantee certain assets.

Thus, according to B3 data, in the first half of 2021 alone, the number of investors grew 43% compared to the same period in 2020. Thus, totaling 3.8 million individuals registered on the stock exchange.

Want to know how to start investing? So, check out the following tips:

The numbers show that, increasingly, interest in the financial market is increasing. However, the number of investors on the Brazilian stock exchange is still relatively low due to a number of factors.

According to Beto Assad, stock analyst and financial advisor at


, a platform that consolidates investments from banks and brokerages in one place, the financial organization is an extremely important factor for those wishing to invest.

“Nowadays, there are many options in the financial market and some of them can be started with a small value and involve less risk. Investments are more democratic, so if the person manages to study the subject and understand their risk profile, it is possible to make an investment that guarantees fruit in the future”, says the expert.

With that in mind, Beto Assad has separated 10 tips on how to organize yourself financially to start the journey as an investor on the right foot.

Try to write down your monthly income, along with your net salary and extra income. Then separate the monthly expenses. Since, it is critical to understand where the money is going.

Then you must have even more control over your finances. So keeping the accounts balanced is critical.
That is, to organize to spend only what is necessary and never an amount more than what you receive.

In this sense, it is essential for the indebted to carry out a survey to understand the total amount in debt. Therefore, it is worth setting up a plan to pay them off as soon as possible.

A good option for establishing the financial organization is to increase the monthly income. This can happen through outside work, either as a freelancer or as a business entrepreneur.

“Currently, many people are turning their hobbies into sources of income. Because of the pandemic, many people had to reinvent themselves and are managing to add great value through extra work”, highlights the expert.

In addition, another suggestion from Beto is to set deadlines to structure your personal finances. Thus, for the analyst, setting goals helps to visualize the results of the effort and is a way to assess whether the adopted behaviors are really working.

Thus, another essential point in establishing a finance organization is to cut or reduce unnecessary expenses. After all, monthly savings can pay off debt or start investing.

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