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Staying with your face on the Internet all the time, in addition to not doing well, is tiring. Even more in times of social isolation, in which we spend more time indoors, avoiding the outside world. It is at these times that thinking about a few hobbies can make all the difference.

And thinking about a hobby doesn’t necessarily mean thinking about something new. It can be that nice thing that you enjoyed doing, but for various reasons, you left out.

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But in case you also want to think about new possibilities, we have prepared this list with 15 hobbies, in case you want to spend some time on the Internet. Come with us!

1. Cook

Smiling man cooking, one of his hobbies (Image: Prostock-Studio/iStock)

Maybe cooking isn’t exactly new to you. But have you ever thought that taking more risks or even taking this practice more seriously might be a good thing for you?

In addition to trying out new recipes, you still gain by being able to surprise those you love with different or unexpected dishes. Or even discover new tricks that will make all the difference in the taste of your food.

You can start by trying this delicious hasselback potato we teach you in this recipe or even learn how to make sushi at home without mystery.

2. Embroidery is one of the increasingly popular hobbies

Embroidery as one of your hobbies
Beautiful embroidery, made as a hobby (Image: LiudmylaSupynska/iStock)

Embroidery is a practice that has been gaining more and more followers around the world. In addition to being beautiful, for many people, embroidery is practically a form of therapy. Ideal for these days, isn’t it?

In this article, we present you five YouTube channels to learn how to embroider. And once you’re sharp, you can also check out these fifteen ideas on how to use embroidery in your home decor. It’s shooting and falling!

3. Take that course you’ve always wanted

Studying as one of your hobbies
Studying can also be a great hobby. (Image: Prostock-Studio/iStock)

Remember that course you always wanted to take but never had time for it? Well then! Maybe it’s time to get that plan off the ground. Even if this course is held in a virtual way, the dynamic ends up being quite different from spending time idly on the web.

The idea of ​​learning something new is in itself quite exciting. And the habit of doing this constantly has only been to our advantage. Enjoy!

4. Start painting

Shred as a hobby
Painting can be a relaxing way to pass the time. (Image: KoliadzynskaIryna/iStock)

Always liked watercolor paintings, oil paint or the like? Why not learn this wonderful art then and make it one of your hobbies?

You don’t need to be a new Vincent van Gogh or Caravaggio. Just wanting to express yourself through paints and brushstrokes. Not to mention that the satisfaction of painting more and more beautiful pictures must be extremely gratifying. Think about it!

5. Learn to photograph

hobby photography
Woman photographing as a hobby. (Image: Dmitry Belyaev/iStock)

If there’s one thing almost everyone loves, it’s photography. There are those who don’t really enjoy appearing in photos, but even those tend to like a good photograph. How about considering making it a hobby?

We know that professional or semi-professional cameras are expensive and it is not always possible to invest in one right away. But without a doubt you can start venturing with a good smartphone in hand.

In this article here, we give some tips for you to get the best clicks! And if you want to take a few more steps, check out these cool tips on how to make great photos of your animated pets.

6. Starting a blog can be one of your hobbies

start a blog
Writing a blog is a great hobby. (Image: g-stockstudio/iStock)

You probably have that subject that you like so much that you talk about it to everyone. And if I had the opportunity, I would talk to even more people. So why not start a blog?

Whatever the subject – cinema, music, literature, fashion etc – a blog can be a great hobby to have. And again, as much as it’s an internet-dependent activity, you don’t need to stay connected all the time to invest in it. The trick is to study, research, experiment, that is, immerse yourself in the universe that interests you and organize yourself to prepare the best possible content about it.

In this article here we give you some tips on how to write a good review. It will probably be handy when creating a blog.

7. Dedicating yourself to a musical instrument

learning a musical instrument
Dedicating yourself to a musical instrument is one of the best hobbies (Image: diego_cervo/iStock)

One of the best hobbies anyone can have is to pursue a musical instrument. After all, who doesn’t like good music, right?

Whether it’s drums, piano or guitar, fun is practically guaranteed. Especially when you start noticing the results of so much effort. Can you imagine how good it must be to be able to do that swagger a la Esperanza Spalding or that fascinating guitar solo by Jimi Hendrix?

8. Customize your clothes with tie dye techniques on clothes

Tie dye
Tie dye can be a way to refresh your wardrobe and still pass the time. (Image: KVLADIMIRV/iStock)

Decorating your clothes with tie dye prints can be a great thing to get you out of the virtual world. Not to mention that it can still be an exclusive gift that you can give to your friends.

In this article here we give you a step by step so that you can customize your clothes with tie dye techniques. Another great choice of hobbies to have, isn’t it?

9. Play some sport

Capoeira is a great sport
Capoeira is a great sport to have as a hobby. (Image: Geribody/iStock)

An excellent and healthy way to spend time away from smartphone and notebook screens is to do some physical activity. You can run, jump rope, practice some martial art. It can be done at home, it can be done on the street. From swimming to crossfit, options abound.

In this article here, we show that practicing activity is essential to maintain health, even for those who suffer from any comorbidity. In this other one, we help you find the best sport for you. Enjoy!

10. Dedicate yourself to literature

Literature is a great hobby
Reading can be one of the best hobbies a person can have (Image: AnnaStills/iStock)

Literature can be another excellent hobby for you. First, because there are great stories and great writers out there. You travel without leaving home and still get to know other cultures and realities.

In this article here, we recommend 35 books by black authors to have another perspective of the world. In this other one, we share 17 Brazilian books to read before dying. And if you prefer poetry, we also recommend 10 books by contemporary Brazilian poets that you need to know. If you want to always be in contact with new stories and authors, consider signing up for a book club. Right here at Seleções we have our Clube de Livros Seleções, where subscribers receive a book with three different stories every two months.

Seriously, little in this life is worth more than grabbing that glass of wine or mug of coffee and enjoying a good book.

11. Practice yoga

Yoga, a great hobby
Yoga is one of the healthiest hobbies you can have. (Image: LightFieldStudios/iStock)

Another hobby that is excellent for our health is yoga. This ancient practice is appreciated by many, and every day it gains more and more followers. And no wonder: it is good for both the body and the mind. So why not give it a try?

In this post here, we tell you what the differences are between the types of yoga. In this one, we go further and give you four yoga positions to alleviate anxiety attacks. Try it!

12. Pole dance

pole dancing as a hobby
Woman doing pole dance. (Image: Bojan89/iStock)

One of the most interesting things about thinking about new hobbies is the possibility of stepping out of your comfort zone when deciding on something new to do. With that in mind, we have an excellent suggestion: pole dance

And to encourage you even more, we have this special article with four tips for YouTube channels for those who want to learn pole dance. Seriously, a must see!

13. Collecting vinyl records

collecting vinyl records
Collecting vinyl records is one of the most enjoyable hobbies. (Image: thomasandreas/iStock)

If you are a music buff, a very convenient hobby for you would be collecting vinyl records.

In addition to decorating our house very well, the act of going out in search of new albums in used bookstores, fairs and the like is really interesting. Not to mention that you find a lot of good and cool things on the internet too.

Imagine having a beautiful cookie from Purple Rain Prince decorating your living room bookcase! And the pleasure of showing your collection of Brazilian classics like Tim Maia, Jorge Ben and Elis Regina to your friends? Indescribable!

14. Learn a new language

Learning new languages
Learning new languages ​​can help you develop other sides of your life. (Image: SIphotography/iStock)

One of the best hobbies one can have is learning other languages. In addition to doing a lot of good for our minds, learning a new language opens up new windows of opportunity. It’s amazing! And you don’t even need to be stuck with the hottest languages. There are people who will learn Yoruba and Guaraní, for example. Look how nice it is!

But if you want to make English your next language, we have materials like this one, in which we give you nine tips for you to learn English on a daily basis.

15. Playing video games is one of the most fun hobbies

couple playing video games
Couple playing video games, one of the funniest hobbies. (Image: dragana991/iStock)

A hobby that maybe doesn’t cross many people’s minds, but it can be a great option is the video game. Even more so if you are also one of those people who buys a console in excitement and leaves it collecting dust at home.

It’s okay not to be hyperproductive. Sometimes all we want and need is to rest our minds. So no drama! He likes? Turn this game on soon and call your player two to have fun with you!

Finally, we hope these tips help you. Getting out of social media is something that can only do us good. Even because life also happens outside of it, isn’t it? And if you want to find out which hobby is best for you, don’t leave before looking at this special subject.

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