4 Cobra Kai actors do karate in real life, but only one is a black belt (most unexpected) – Series News

Cobra Kai is a series derived from the Karate Kid franchise, where we follow your characters in karate competitions.

Cobra Kai is one of the most popular series today and became a real hit with audiences after it moved from YouTube to Netflix. The production derived from the franchise Kid Kid follows this karate universe and the fights between different characters, so the actors need to undergo training with two coordinators of the action scenes, Hiro Koda e Jahnel Curfman, for the realization of his scenes in the series. Even so, some have come from previous karate experiences.

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Therefore, we separated the four actors who trained karate in the past and even obtained some of the characteristic belts that attest to the level of those who practice it. Of them all, only one got a black belt (highest rank) and that’s the cast member you least expect. Take a look!


William Zabka is one of the protagonists of Cobra Kai, Johnny Lawrence, and has revealed in previous statements to Yahoo! Entertainment that, when signed to participate for the first time in the franchise in the original film Karate Kid – The Moment of Truth (1984), had nothing to do with karate. But that changed, after working with his trainer Pat Johnson and unlike his co-star Ralph Macchio (Daniel LaRusso), Zabka continued to practice and conquered the green belt.

His knowledge and training in martial arts gave him job opportunities and, as he revealed, he remains very interested. Also, his previous training as a wrestler in high school came in handy in training and made him fit in well with what was required of him in the franchise.


Young Jacob Bertrand is also one of the cast members with prior experience. He started practicing karate when he was only eight years old and reached the Purple strip, ie above his colleague William Zabka. He later chose to pursue other hobbies, but he was destined to return to that universe, with Cobra Kai’s producers later bringing him back to the martial arts world, where he was able to retrain himself to get under his skin. Hawk character in the Netflix series.


Before Cobra Kai, star Tanner Buchanan learned taekwondo, “like most kids between the ages of 10 and 12,” as he explained in an interview with TheWrap. “I got a pair of black belts and then stopped because I was too busy,” he explains. “So I signed with Cobra Kai and I’ve been training Muay for months.” Interestingly, his passion for martial arts came from his mother, who is a black belt.


To everyone’s surprise, actor Owen Morgan, who plays Cobra Kai’s little apprentice Bert, is the only black belt in the series’ cast. This was revealed by himself to his followers on social media a few years ago, feeling very proud of having achieved this. Without a doubt, his background was what led him to be chosen by the series’ team and we can expect a lot from him in the coming seasons. “I’ve been practicing since I was very young and that’s why I signed on with the series,” he told Cobra Kai Nation.

4th season of Cobra Kai debuts December 31 in the Netflix catalog.