5 golden tips to get your crush’s attention

Golden tips to rock when conquering crush!

Foto: Shutterstock / Alto Astral

Who has never posted an indirect to see if the crush responds to shoot the first… sung! We sometimes have to use all available resources to get the boy’s attention, don’t we? At this time, it is really worth abusing creativity with healthy jokes, reposts and memes that can activate flirting on social networks.

In these games, whoever is on the other side (the crush) can understand a little more about how you think and the way you like to be approached too. But what to bet on? Indirect in stories, captions in feed, reactions with emojis or giphys? Well, Alto Astral talked to Cintia Sanches, a clinical psychologist and psychodramatist to give that help and for you to hit the long-awaited date.

5 golden tips to rock crush

1 – Take realistic photos of the moment you are living. Use your style and put fun captions on stories, like “comment on my photos, but don’t ask me out”.

2 – React with clapping in crushs photos. And remember to like, but if you’re going to comment, be as high-spirited as possible so you don’t seem clingy.

3 – On event days (parties, weddings or outings with friends), invest in stunning photos or where you are. Ahh, it will undoubtedly generate curiosity and possibly an invitation to date.

4 – If you’ve already posted your favorite photos, reacted to crush stories and still no conversation returns, it’s high time you left for a new target, ok? No insisting for a long time in situations like this.

5 – Post your hobbies and be honest. Don’t invent posts to conquer someone, because no one deceives the other for a long time, right?

Source: Cintia Sanches, clinical psychologist and psychodramatist by the Brazilian Federation of Psychodrama (FEBRAP).