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Talking about hobbies in these times, even when the pandemic continues to do its thing around the world, is to remember all the hobbies that 2020 brought – a year in which confinement managed to remove many of them from the trunk of memories that had been forgotten.

It is interesting to inquire about the hobbies in trend, but even more so, those that attract the attention of the most famous and successful people in the world. According to some experts who have studied hobby evolution, life is much more than just working, eating, and sleeping for the wealthiest.

This is why some tycoons like Warren Buffett play the ukulele while others like Richard Branson entertain themselves by playing chess.

We all need a space to have fun, to let our imagination run wild, and to put aside the stress of routine. With this in mind, let’s look at some of the hobbies that are in trend and that will make you remember the past.

Long-standing hobbies that are trending today

To bet: Gambling is considered by many to be an anti-stress activity despite the fact that money is risked when a certain bet is opened. This pastime dates back to 2,300 BC and took off with the arrival of the great casinos of Las Vegas and other locations.

For those who like to get technical in the matter, they exist since basic blackjack strategies to complex math formulas that are used to increase the chances of being a winner in games of chance.

As a result of the confinement, gambling migrated almost 100% to the online environment and this popularized this activity among the younger generations.

Canvas painting: Painting a painting like the famous painters of the past while eating or enjoying a good wine is a trend that is going viral. The union of art, facing a blank canvas with the guidance of an expert, and the warmth that comes with a glass of wine or even a coffee become the perfect elements to spend a relaxing evening.

The developing This activity is becoming popular in some countries such as the United States, Spain, Mexico, and even the forgotten Venezuela in alliance with restaurants, hotels, cafes, galleries, and other various ideal spaces to organize this type of meeting.

Coloring books: One of the most recognized people for this hobby is Kate Middleton, who has been passionate about coloring different types of figures. Experts in therapy and psychology highlight this habit as an alternative to meditation as it helps reduce stress and organize emotions and thoughts.

This is undoubtedly a practice that takes us back to our childhood. In recent months, adult coloring books have become popular, an example is the so-called “Secret Garden” that has been a trend on Amazon. They also highlight the mandala books that are widely used for therapeutic purposes.

To knit: Surely you will say that it is a pastime of grandmothers and in a way yes. However, the reality is that for some years this practice has been adopted by thousands of people due to the benefits it has for health.

Lanaterapia is the name given to this practice and many consider it as the anti-stress therapy or yoga of 2021. Wool therapy improves hand mobility and brain activity, increases self-esteem, and promotes creativity. Tom Daley, the successful athlete from the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, unveiled his talents in knitting recently, emphasizing that it has worked for him as a stress-busting treatment.

Exercise: walking, running, and practicing some discipline is always a trend. As a result of the confinement, he became accustomed to training at home and in outdoor areas. This type of exercise is a great way to connect with yourself, improve physical and mental performance, and maintain good health. Plus, it never goes out of style.

The hobbies of the famous and influential in the world

From the most basic to the most eccentric, the powerful and influential are among those with the most hobbies. Either because they enjoy a little more free time than the rest or because they constantly need to release some stress, it is no coincidence that hobbies abound among the higher social spheres.

The Duchess of Cambridge is a reference, as she has immersed herself in coloring books. Meanwhile, to famous Hollywood actress Meryl Streep is passionate about sewing and describes it as a therapeutic hobby perfect that helps you take the time to analyze and gather your thoughts. She is joined by others such as Ryan Goslin and Julia Roberts.

Other celebrities have quirky hobbies like Angelina Jolie, who collects knives as a family tradition because she finds a certain beauty in them.

On the other hand, Tom Hanks collects typewriters while reading is Oprah Winfrey’s favorite activity while not working.