A radio channel to promote the feeling of belonging in law firms

It is not easy, at the present time, to decide, plan or act after everything we have experienced. We are vulnerable and it has been shown that we do not control anything. The pandemic has taught us many things. We have learned to telework, to hold virtual meetings, to be more flexible with our clothing, to have different professional relationships and to trust.

Organizations have been reinventing themselves as needed. At present, hybrid models are spoken of as the generic one that has the most followers, but the reality is that generalizing becomes very complicated. What is unanimous is that talent in organizations is the cornerstone and it is increasingly common for companies allocate more resources to adopt policies that motivate, that generate belonging, that attract talent and also retain it.

People are the protagonists of companies.

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Irene Cortés

In this sense, today I want to share an initiative that the DS Durán-Sindreu law firm has established for a few weeks. Concerned about cultivating that feeling of belonging, generating elements that motivate, that excite, that generate bonding, they come to the conclusion that the key is that the team knows each other. Something as simple as it is complicated.

A internal radio channel where the firm’s talent is interviewed. The interviewees are the workers. The goal: chat in a fun and entertaining way with them. In these interviews the worker, for 20 minutes, talks about personal, professional, concerns and ‘hobbies’ before the attentive listening of his companions that sometimes they are surprised to discover things that they did not know, and that unites.

With a weekly periodicity and in a random way, a person from the firm becomes the protagonist and breaks with his daily work to be the guest star and explain things that do not necessarily have to be work. The magic of the initiative is the attentive listening of colleagues, the desire to explain of the interviewee and the opportunity to meet colleagues by the entire organization.

The interviewees are the workers. The goal: chat in an entertaining and fun way with them

I confess that at the beginning of some interviews, nerves are sensed on the part of the interviewee, but little by little a nice space is being created where we all listen. The interview is carried out on a digital platform where all workers can connect live or later watch it on a delayed basis.

From the content of the interview, I can say that funny anecdotes are shared that make people laugh, they talk about emotional memories of childhood, it is explained from when they work at DS Durán-Sindreu and what are the tasks that are carried out. It is a free interview, without judgments and without evaluating the results. Everything is correct. There are those who have a more humorous tone and those who narrate things in a more professional way. Everything is valid.

Photo: The pandemic has been decisive for lawyers to opt for more informal models. (iStock)
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Irene Cortés

This new channel encourages communication and interaction between workers, it is a new space for exchange where we listen to thoughts, perceptions, ideas of colleagues that may be different from ours, but that lets open our thoughts to the idea that there is value in everyone’s way of thinking. We need spaces where we listen to each other!

If a worker is happy in the company where he works, your productivity triples. It is of great value for organizations to generate this feeling of belonging, since this feeling translates into greater efficiency. Workers must be able to feel recognized, they must express themselves freely, feel that their contributions are valued, have transparent communication and feel valued as people and as professionals.

In conclusion, today we wanted to share this internal marketing initiative because it has generated motivation and interest. And of course yes, applaud the initiative. Because,what life becomes without inspiring motivation?

* Helena Alvarez is Director of Marketing and Communication at Durán-Sindreu.