After the initial relaxation, are prices increasing again after all?

of Sara Petzold
Actually, the market for graphics cards has finally seen some initial relaxation in the past few weeks. But now manufacturer-internal distribution quarrels could cause a short-term price increase.

After a long dry spell with low availability and high prices, the end consumers’ long-awaited relaxation in the market for graphics cards has recently finally emerged. In particular, the street prices for the RTX-30 and RX-6000 series decreased steadily and slowly but surely approached the RRP. But that could soon be over again – at least for a short time.

Samsung does not provide enough chips

Because especially with Nvidia’s RTX 30 series, there is apparently another threat of delivery bottlenecks. Nvidia apparently still does not manage to allocate sufficient deliveries to the board partners, as the Igorslab editorial team reports with reference to industry insiders. The reason for the bottlenecks are apparently again delivery problems at Samsung: The Korean company cannot deliver promised chips.

This in turn means that the chips that are available at all end up with well-known manufacturers such as Zotac and Palit, so that they can achieve the highest possible production capacity. Smaller companies such as Inno3D or Galax / KFA2 are meanwhile looking into the tube.

The delivery problems for the chips and the resulting drainage of production at smaller manufacturers in the past few days again caused the price of graphics cards at hardware brokers to rise. The latter, for their part, can only deliver the cards in the one to a maximum of low two-digit range and currently do not expect any subsequent deliveries.

It remains to be seen whether the price increases at brokers will ultimately also have a short-term effect on the prices of graphics cards at end customers and thus halt the current downward trend. But if Nvidia can increase the delivery figures again in July 2021 as promised, a renewed price increase in the consumer market might not happen.

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