All the games that celebrate a special anniversary in 2022: we review the main birthdays of iconic titles and sagas

In 2022 many iconic games and sagas will celebrate special anniversaries. There are not a few games that have their birthday in the coming months and here we are going to collect, if not all, the most important ones.

In the new year, there will be few games and sagas that celebrate anniversary in 2022. A lot of games birthday this year And so that you start January with a good taste in your mouth, here we leave you the complete list.

Beyond reminding you that you can also take a look at all the 2022 video games with release dates and most important appointments, here we are going to review the games that turn 40, 35, 30, 25, 20, 15, 10 and 5 years in 2022. There are not a few who have to be slapped on the wrist.

Games celebrating their 40th anniversary

Dig Dug

Forty years are not met every day and less in an industry that is really young compared to other media.

Some of the jewels from 1982 that will stand out this year are the classic Dig Dug, the successful Pitfall! Atari 2600 And since we’re talking about consoles … let’s talk about computers.

Although it is not a game, who turns 40 is the ZX Spectrum, and although it arrived in Spain somewhat later, it was very popular thanks to games like R-Type, La abadía del crimes or Elite. We also do not forget Mrs. Pac-Man, which is beautifully preserved.

Games celebrating their 35th anniversary

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

In the repertoire of games that turn 35 we have a divisive continuation as it was Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, although it is not the only game that stands out.

In 1987 it was origin to such beloved and popular sagas as Street Fighter or Final Fantasy which in 2022 returns in a curious way, since we will know thanks to Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin how Jack became Garland, the villain of the first installment.

We also do not forget other games like Contra, the first Metal Gear from MSX, Double Dragon or Shinobi, the Sega arcade. Which one do you remember most fondly?

Games celebrating their 30th anniversary

Mortal Kombat

And there are not a few who already cross the 30-year-old barrier. Mortal Kombat and its digitized ultraviolence were born in 1992. Will the creators of the most recent installment reveal if they continue with the saga in 2022?

Virtua Racing and its VR View System is also 30 years old, as well as another innovative Sega classic such as Ecco the Dolphin on Mega Drive (if you want to experience its terrifying controls, it is available in the virtual console of Switch Online).

Other featured games are Sonic 2, Super Mario Kart, Alone in the Dark, Streets of Rage 2 y Kirby’s Dream Land. fans of the pink character are in luck with the release of Kirby and the Forgotten Land.

Games celebrating their 25th anniversary

Final Fantasy VII

Who turns 25 is one of the great masterpieces of this industry. Cloud, Tifa, Aerith … Final Fantasy VII It gets older and older since its premiere in 1997 (will we see something from the second installment of the remake, taking advantage of the anniversary?), but it is not the only one.

Games whose continuations that we could see in 2022 are also protagonists of this anniversary. We talk about Diablo and the promising Diablo IV and Diablo Immortal and Great tourism whose brand-new return to PlayStation will run, never better said, on the PS5 circuits with Gran Turismo 7.

Castlevania Symphony of the Night, Age of Empires and his wololo, Star Fox 64, Turok o Goldeneye 007 They also turn 25 in 2022. Will Nintendo add Bond from N64 to Switch Online? It may also sound like a certain GTA, whose first installment also adds one more year. Who knows, the same they announce GTA6 for the anniversary …

Games celebrating their 20th anniversary

Metroid Prime

Two continuations of titles that we saw born 20 years ago also captains the most promising games that could, and only could, announce more details this year.

We refer to Metroid Prime y Splinter Cell, who already have a few projects and many rumors behind them. They say that Metroid Prime 4 exists and there are many speculations that mention remasters for Samus’s first-person spin-offs.

Sam Fisher is also currently sneaking in with the Splinter Cell remake being developed by Ubisoft Toronto. Stealth will return with a facelift.

Other games turning 20: The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker, Super Mario Sunshine, Metroid Fusion y GTA Vice City, which we preferred not to have seen recently. What do you feel a little older after seeing that all these are already 20 years old?

Games celebrating their 15th anniversary

Call of Duty Modern Warfare

2007 was a year where great modern sagas planted their first seed. Modern, yes, because Call of Duty Modern Warfare and its shooter revolution are now 15 years old. Will we see a new MW in 2022? Well that’s what the rumors say …

And we keep talking about sagas. This special 15th anniversary is led by the primer Assassin’s Creed, Bioshock, Mass Effect, The Witcher (next gen version of the third installment on the way). We also do not forget Super Mario Galaxy or Portal.

Games celebrating their 10th anniversary

Far Cry 3

The 10th anniversary is always special and reveals how old we are getting. Even if it looks like a lie, Far Cry 3 is among the games that turn 10 years in 2022, much like the nostalgic multiplayer of Black Ops 2, Dishonored o Spec Ops The Line.

Indie jewelry like Hotline Miami o Journey they are also present. The good of Max Payne 3 it was also released 10 years ago. Can you imagine that Rockstar releases a new installment before GTA 6. It does not seem likely, no, but the same is a remaster …

Games that celebrate their 5 anniversary

Nintendo Zoom Breath of the Wild

And pay attention to the great connections that are established on the 5 anniversary of many games with 2022. We look forward to seeing all these continuations this year.

Horizon Zero Dawn It arrived in 2017 and Horizon Forbidden West is set to launch at the beginning of the year. Zelda Breath of the Wild It is also five years old and its sequel is expected by many fans by the end of 2022.

Special mention to Hellblade. Senua promises to return with Hellblade II. Will this be the year I do it? And these are not the only games that have a birthday and that have left a great memory in our hearts.

Nier Automata, What Remains of Edith Finch, Cuphead, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (which continues to sell like churros) … and Hollow Knight they are also 5 years old. Team Cherry continues to awaken hope with a Silksong that never seems to arrive. Please let it be announced now.

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So far this review with the main games that have a birthday in 2022. Which of these games have you enjoyed the most? Will we see some of them back in 2022?