Amazon Brazil: After Oscar 2021, check out items for those who want other hobbies besides watching movies – Cinema News

The awards season officially ended with Oscar 2021, but you can now enjoy other options in the Amazon Brazil catalog.

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Since March 15, when the list of Oscar nominees 2021 was released, moviegoers have wanted to know nothing more than marathoning all the films that competed in the 23 categories. Now that the awards are over and the winners have been announced, you might want to get a little more into other hobbies. Therefore, the I love Cinema prepared a list of ideal products for you to take a break from the movies and dedicate yourself to other activities. All items mentioned can be found in the Amazon Brazil catalog and Prime subscribers do not pay shipping. Check out:

  • Kindle 10th Generation: R$284,05
  • Tramontina Gardening Kit: R$ 202,07
  • Wacom One Digitizing Table: R$ 284,90
  • Elastic Extender Pilates Training 11 Pieces: R$ 67,50
  • Sushi Making Kit: R$ 124,91

Kindle 10th Generation

Let’s read, my people? With built-in and adjustable light, you can read comfortably as if you were reading on paper. With thousands of books in the Amazon Unlimited catalog, you can read several works for a digital subscription of only R$19.90 per month, in addition to the free books available on the platform. Buy Kindle 10th Generation at Amazon Brazil.

Tramontina Gardening Kit

How about some outdoors? The gardening kit has 13 pieces, plus a canvas bag, and is a perfect choice for those who want to get out of the room and get some sun while giving life to new plants, while also helping planet Earth. Buy Tramontina Gardening Kit at Amazon Brazil.

Wacom One Digitizing Table

Have you ever thought about becoming a designer? It doesn’t even have to be a professional, but a graphics tablet is a great start for anyone looking to draw and edit photos. Gradually, with enough practices, you will create amazing images for the internet and can have fun while still having the possibility to earn money with this hobby. Buy Wacom One Tablet at Amazon Brazil.

Elastic Extender Pilates Training 11 Pieces

Quarantine is the ideal time to start exercising and not stagnating your health during isolation. That’s why we recommend this kit of Pilates and Yoga elastics with 11 pieces capable of increasing your level of body resistance, exercising your muscles and staying healthy. Buy Elastic Pilates Training Extender 11 Pieces at Amazon Brazil.

Sushi Making Kit

Awaken the sushiman/woman inside you! With 5 molds of different shapes and sizes, you can prepare one of the best snacks in Japanese cuisine in a few minutes and wash quickly without making too much of a mess in the kitchen. Save with restaurants and try to prepare at home, in addition to being fun, your pocket will thank you! Buy Sushi Making Kit at Amazon Brazil.