App should help you to organize your hobbies

Facebook has a new app called Hobbi in stock. The experimental application was developed by the in-house NPE team. The latter is supposed to test out new concepts and ideas for Facebook in order to find out what actually meets with users’ approval in the end. Hobbi is the fourth app that has been cut out. It offers users a platform to share or collect and organize photos and videos related to their hobbies.

The photos and videos in the app can be organized in collections – e.g. B. on topics such as “cooking”, “handicrafts”, “gardening” or whatever represents the hobby of the respective user. The user should also get an overview of his progress – from the first poor seedling in the flower pot to the greenhouse full of plants and fruits.

The sharing of content is currently rather in the background and focuses primarily on video montages with highlights on completed projects. Hobbi is more like a kind of administration and organization app for leisure projects – with a focus on pictures and videos. There is apparently currently criticism that photos and videos can hardly be edited – unlike, for example, on Instagram. Hobby has been able to collect 30 reviews in the Apple App Store (USA) so far and only has 2 stars. So the enthusiasm among the first testers has probably not been that enormous.

Incidentally, Google recently became interested in this do-it-yourself area – with Tangi, an app for those interested was published. However, the focus is different, because it is more about video instructions. But it looks like there is general potential in this area. Doesn’t sound so absurd to me – instead of marketing cosmetics in make-up tutorials by influencers, it may be tools or handicraft templates in the DIY sector.