Are you bored at home? Now is the perfect time for a new hobby

If you are stuck at home due to the spread of the coronavirus, the time will inevitably come when you will get bored. After optimizing your work from home and getting some exercise, there are only a limited number of shows and movies you can watch before your brain says enough.

If you are looking for a healthier and more productive way to spend your time in quarantine, why not take the opportunity to try a craft or acquire a new hobby? Whether it’s knitting, making soap, or even learning a new language, there are many skills to explore. MasterClass lessons are at your fingertips, and Lego brick building never goes out of style. To help you escape boredom, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite hobbies to keep you busy.

Robotime DIY Mini Greenhouse ($29.74, originally $34.99;

This miniature greenhouse is the perfect distraction from the outside world. You will need absolute concentration while painting and arranging the small plants, furniture and lighting fixtures in this beautiful model. At roughly 1:24 scale, this DIY project is sure to keep you busy for days to come.

Lip balm kit ($40;

This DIY kit teaches you how to make your own lip balm, delicious to combat chapped lips. The set comes with everything you need, including fair trade cocoa butter and spearmint essential oil. Additionally, each purchase helps provide job skills for women in the Washington, DC area.

Create Your Own Pinball Game ($ 49.95;

No electrical cables or plugs are required for this retro DIY pinball machine. Constructed of cardboard and rubber bands, it is easy to assemble and can provide you with hours of pinball play to pass the time.

Geode Puzzle ($65;

Puzzles are a classic way to kill time, but this one takes it to the next level. Made from birch plywood, the pieces come together to form a blue, pink or multi-colored geode. Due to the strange shape of its pieces, this puzzle is frustratingly difficult, so be prepared to spend many hours on it.

New York Times Custom Front Page Puzzle ($49.95;

This customizable puzzle can turn the front page of any New York Times newspaper into a 500-piece puzzle. Commemorate a day in history, your birthday, or any other day you cherish with this interactive keepsake.

Robotime 3D Wooden Treasure Box Puzzle Kit ($29.99;

This wooden treasure box is an opening puzzle, but a difficult puzzle to build. Made from laser cut plywood pieces, this intricate box will require delicate construction. If you can figure it out, you will get a working treasure box where you can hide your valuables.

Boye Round Knit Loom Set ($ 14.98;

Knitting is the latest time-consuming hobby. It may take months to meticulously knit all the way to a blanket, but with this kit, you can learn to knit and knit better than your grandmother (don’t tell her we said this). Included in this kit are four circular loom setups and all the tools you need to make a hat, so all you need is some yarn.

Hand embroidery beginner kit (from $ 34;

A perfect way to pass the time while you are stuck indoors, embroidery is a beautiful hobby. With beautiful pre-made designs and everything you need to get started, this kit can make you an embroidery expert.

Cricut Explore Air 2 ($206.99, originalmente $249;

The ultimate DIY tool, the Cricut allows you to cut over 100 different materials with unmatched precision. That means you can make homemade stickers, home decor, cards, clothes, and much more. Plus, you can upload or design your own images, so you can make cuts for any project you can dream of.

MasterClass ($180;

MasterClass teaches you all kinds of skills, directly from famous experts. Learn to cook with Gordon Ramsay, the scientific thinking of Neil deGrasse Tyson, the magic of Penn & Teller, and much more. This one-year subscription gives you access to the entire MasterClass library, so you can learn whatever you want during your quarantine.

Custom Paint Photo By Numbers (Starting at $ 26.99, originally $ 29.99;

If painting is your thing, here’s a cute alternative to a classic hobby. Simply submit your best pet portrait, and you’ll receive an easy paint-by-number canvas in the mail, so you can bring your furry friends to life with your own artistic skills. The kit comes with all the paint and brushes you will need.

Rosetta Stone (starting at $ 35.97;

Speaking multiple languages ​​is an invaluable skill, and Rosetta Stone makes it easier than ever to learn a new language. You can get a three-month subscription for one language or a lifetime subscription to access the entire Rosetta Stone library.

Book of the Month, 3-Month Membership ($ 49.99;

There’s nothing like a good book, but with all this newfound downtime, it may be flying through your list. Book of the Month is a subscription plan that delivers a new book directly to your door every month, so you never run out of reading material.

AeroGarden Black Harvest ($99.99, originalmente $149.95;

If you are bored and hungry, you can solve both problems with this device that allows you to farm without having to go out. This one has everything you need to grow Genoese basil, curly parsley, dill, thyme, Thai basil, and mint.

Lego Bricks Bricks Bricks ($59.99;

Let your creative juices flow with this Lego set, which contains 1,500 pieces. Let your inner child out and build cities, cars, rockets and whatever you want with this simple brick box.

Lego Fiat 500 ($ 89.99;

If you need a little more structure for your Lego building, try this intricate and difficult Lego Fiat. With realistic details like an engine, sunroof, and even a miniature painting, this Lego set can make you feel like an automotive expert by the time you’ve built this iconic car.

Crayola Mandala Coloring Book ($6.99;

Adult coloring books are a relaxing and colorful way to pass time when you have nothing else to do. This particular book can help you de-stress a bit during these anxious times with its intricate meditative drawings.

Crayola Signature Blend & Shade Soft Core Colored Pencils in Tin ($ 22.87, originally $ 36.99;

If you are coloring, you will need a wide variety of drawing supplies. This Crayola colored pencil set is our favorite because it has all the colors you need in a nice, organized tin.

DIY Cross Stitch Wood Coaster Kit ($ 39;

A craft as simple as it is useful, this kit includes everything you need to cross stitch four custom coasters.

Paint this book! Watercolor for the Artistically Undiscovered ($ 17.78, originally $ 24.95;

This cute book has everything you need to discover your inner watercolor artist. With brushes, paint, and instruction pages, this book will walk you through the basics and all kinds of techniques so you can learn to paint like a pro.

Soap Making Kit 101 ($ 21;

You have already cleaned the house but if you are still looking for things to do, try making soap. This kit includes enough ingredients to make 10 bars of soap, plus it comes with a melon fragrance and a variety of dyes to add a little color to your new body bars.

Klutz Soap Science and Craft Kit ($ 19.81, originally $ 21.99;

If you want your children to have fun making soap, with this kit they can make 10 bars of soap, personalized with stickers and skin-safe glitter. And while the soap hardens, kids can try some soap-based experiments for an added science lesson.

BarkBox subscription (starting at $ 22;

An easy way to prevent your dog from distracting you while working from home is the BarkBox. They deliver them right to your door and are filled with exciting toys and snacks.

Note: The above prices reflect the price at the time of publication of the article.