Belinda shares her hobby, a huge collection of prints

Belinda led her fans to the privacy of your home, through a dynamic of questions through their instagram stories, where she took them to one of the most special rooms for her, since this is where one of her favorite hobbies.

In this room of ‘scrapbook‘, as she calls it, has an immense collection of prints; of all sizes, colors, textures and shapes, which he uses to design Y to work in her scrapbooks, where she captures a story that is relevant to her.

This is my scrapbook room, hardly anyone knows I like it, but I have millions of stamps, and I classified them and everything. I am very orderly, I have millions, millions, millions of stamps and I am going to show you one of my albums because they are also incredible“Belinda described.

Here you can see his collection:

He showed his fans his favorite album, since, in this he captured the love story of their parents using photographs, some of his prints and clippings: “I did this a few years ago and it is my favorite because it is like the story of my parents, I love all the prints, see all the details“, he expressed.

Belinda also told her fans that the best gift for her are the stamps: “So if someone wants to give me something, they can give me stamps to make scrapbook … Look at my dad on his many trips and I glued absolutely everything“said the singer.

Oh! And here I am, I love this one, with the giant forehead that I have, which hasn’t changed anything, it’s still the same!“he joked as he flipped through his book and displayed some pictures of her on the playa when she was little.

Belinda and her taste for scrapbook

After showing off one of her favorite rooms, she went on to share her collection of magazine covers in which he has appeared throughout his artistic career, the majority of publications dedicated to fashion, shows Y Lifestyle, which remain hanging in a mirrored wall, which reveals the eccentricity Y elegance from model.

Belinda on the magazine covers