Brazilian celebrities’ hobbies

Brazilian celebrities’ hobbies (Photo: Reproduction/Internet)

Celebrities are well known for their achievements in movies, theater, soap operas, or for the catwalks and commercials. But, just like anyone else, they also have their spare time, and leisure, to rest or practice their hobbies. Many of these hobbies are quite common, others are surprising and a little unusual. Even a study of the favorite activities of wealthy people around the world revealed that their hobbies include travel, exercise, reading and wine. Nothing so out of the ordinary. Discover the hobbies of some Brazilian celebrities below.

The most famous celebrities in sports

Most of the famous have sports activities included in their routine. Be it the importance of keeping the body in shape or the preparation of a character. However, many end up going beyond the practice just for work and start practicing certain sports for leisure, and to have fun in their spare time. Water sports such as surfing and stand up paddle are some of the favorites at the time. Actress Isis Valverde, actor José Loreto and presenter Rodrigo Faro are some of the supporters of sports such as stand up paddle.
Other sports also stand out among the famous. Model Gisele Bündchen has already revealed her passion for volleyball several times. The actress and presenter, Fernanda Lima, is also passionate about the practice of yoga, and even talks about how the activity was important in her routine.

Alternative hobbies

Other celebrities prefer to venture into sports hobbies that demand more of the mind than the body. This is the case with poker games. Many are unaware of this fact, but poker is not considered a game of chance, but a sport, which is widely practiced by celebrities and celebrities, both national and international. And for those interested in the game, you don’t have to be a celebrity to join a prestigious table. It is currently possible to play poker anytime, anywhere, over the internet.
Online poker games are very practical, flexible and secure. An excellent option for amateurs, who are still starting to explore the game. The big advantage of online poker is that it allows players to practice, test out new strategies and get to know the different ones. games poker. Some famous Brazilians that make up the list of well-known players at the poker tables are: football player Neymar, actor Bruno Gagliasso, pilot Felipe Massa, and ex-swimmer Fernando Sherer, better known as Xuxa.

Celebrities who prefer to relax

Some famous people prefer quieter and more relaxing activities, which don’t require as much bodily effort, just the opportunity to practice something that takes a little away from the hectic routine of everyday life. Actor and presenter Márcio Garcia, as well as presenter Luciano Huck, is very interested in photography. Actress Monique Alfradique plays the piano. Model Ellen Roche practices writing, mainly poetry, and actor Emílio Dantas draws in his spare time. Actress Marina Ruy Barbosa divides her leisure time between wine and writing. These are some options between more relaxing and peaceful activities, for those who prefer to enjoy their free time with more rest.

Curious hobbies among celebrities

In the category of curious and surprising hobbies, the presenter William Waack comes with everything. In his spare time, he likes to fly planes. New actress Giovanna Grigio plays the ukelele, a kind of Portuguese guitar. Actor Murilo Benício collects luxury cars, and likes to show them around the city on his days off. The actress Nathalia Dill reveals that she likes to knit in her spare time. Few people know that actress Bruna Marquezine likes to paint canvases to relax.

How to find a new hobby

Fortunately, most of the celebrities’ hobbies are common and accessible to anyone interested in discovering new leisure activities. For those who don’t know where to start, the first step is to discover your personal interests, and what brings joy in your free time. It can be reading, gastronomy, crafts, sports, music, travel or even philanthropy.
For those who don’t know where to start, it’s best to make a list of activities that bring more pleasure and joy, and put them into practice. For those who already know what the activities are, but still cannot put them into practice, it is necessary to check the necessary conditions for the hobby. Are materials, equipment or appropriate places for the activity.
The action does not matter, but the practice of the activity. Studies indicate that having some kind of hobby helps relieve stress, deviate from everyday problems, improves mood, and also increases the production of endorphins, responsible for the sensation of pleasure, in the body.