Bússola & Cia: Elmeco consolidates leadership with investment in Bahia

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With an area of ​​480 square meters and an investment of R$ 4 million, Elmeco inaugurated in Salvador (BA) the largest laboratory for hormonal implants in Brazil. With the investment, the company, which is already the largest producer of implants, consolidates its position in this disputed market. The laboratory has the capacity to handle fifty thousand implants per month, opened in October, is fully loaded, with more than 60 professionals dedicated to the manipulation of sterile hormonal implants of testosterone, estradiol, gestrinone, nestorone and nomegestrol acetate. “We can produce any sterile and non-sterile pharmaceutical form (capsules, solutions, creams, gels, sterile pellets, etc.)”, enumerates the pharmaceutical director of the company, Wilson Saback. The treatment created by Elsimar Coutinho made the doctor and researcher famous and raised him to a level of great name in Brazilian science, even earning an interview in the New York Times. He passed away last year. The hormonal implant was initially created to treat Endometriosis, a disease that, according to Anvisa, affects about 10% of Brazilian women aged between 25 and 35 years.

crash delivery

For every 100,000 inhabitants, 22 die in traffic in Brazil. Motorcyclists account for more than a third of these deaths. The data are from the Radar bulletin, from the Institute for Applied Economic Research (Ipea). With the increase in the number of motorcyclists on delivery applications, insurers have registered a different race from the traditional ones: looking for accident protections and life insurance. According to IPEA, 1.4 million people work in the passenger transport and delivery sector.


Entrepreneur Beto Caputo bets on Atrio Hotel Management’s performance this year, despite the adversities with the covid-19 pandemic. The company, created 33 years ago and headed by the executive alongside Paulo Mélega (Operations) and César Nunes (Marketing and Sales), entered in 2021 with 54 projects under management and ends the year with 71 hotels and resorts of different economic brands operating throughout the country under his management. This represents a growth of almost 30% in the total number of projects managed and practically the same rate of apartments. In the wake of the development carried out in 2021 and designed by Atrio Hotel Management, among others, are the openings of the WK Design hotel in Florianópolis, an exclusive and high-end project, as well as the conversion of projects in Belém (PA), Campinas and São José dos Campos (SP), Curitiba (PA), Rio de Janeiro (RJ) and Porto Alegre (RS). In total, 20 new hotels are expected to join Atrio’s portfolio in 2022.


Huawei promoted a ceremony to launch the White Paper “Intelligent Logistics and 5G in Brazil”, prepared in partnership with the Brazilian Agency for Industrial Development (ABDI) and the Brazilian Association of Logistics (Abralog). The event, which takes place at the company’s own distribution center, located in Sorocaba (SP), will present how 5G works in practice and what gains the new technology can generate for the logistics sector.


Energia EDP won first place in the general ranking of the B3 Corporate Sustainability Index (ISE) portfolio. The Company occupies the top of a select list of 34 companies. In this edition, the ISE assessed the dimensions of Human Capital, Corporate Governance and Senior Management, Business Model and Innovation, Social Capital, Environment, and Climate. The portfolio selection process was significantly reformulated in relation to 2021. The main changes were the replacement of the climate form by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP Clima), sectorization of questions and penalties for rejected evidence.


57% of alcoholic beverage companies present initiatives or practices related to environmental and sustainability policies. And 69% work with the reduction of solid waste, expressive numbers, since ESG practices are still in their infancy within the private sector. Work carried out in partnership with KPMG, the “First Abrabe Sustainability Report” complements the sectorial diagnosis carried out in 2019, which consisted of a market study of the alcoholic beverages sector. This year, the institution innovates with the inclusion of themes and indicators of environmental, social and corporate governance for the first time.


Brazilians have used payment by approach (contactless) significantly. According to a survey carried out by Digio, 48% of people said that they make their payments by approximation, either for convenience or security through contactless physical card or virtual wallets (wallets) on smartphones or smartwatches. Of these, 10% said they use this function as they do not need to touch the machines and thus feel more secure from the risks of the pandemic. The method grew 469.6% between 2019 and 2020, the most critical moment of the pandemic in which the use of resources to avoid contact was greater, and generated R$ 41 billion.


Gocil and shopping center administrator Ancar Ivanhoe signed two partnership contracts for the provision of services in two commercial establishments in Rio de Janeiro. Rio Design and Nova América, both in Barra da Tijuca, in the North Zone of the city, now have Gocil’s property security service. Gocil is headquartered in São Paulo, but operates nationwide. In Rio de Janeiro, the company has been present since 2008 and has over a thousand employees working in the region.


The Global Business Director of Plaza Premium Group, Jonathan Song, announced plans to expand the Group’s presence in the Latin American region, from Brazil, where it has been present since 2016, with the operation of three lounges at the RioGaleão International Airport . Last week, with the inauguration of its second lounge in Guarulhos, at the largest airport in Latin America, plans began to materialize.


Brazil became part of the ranking of the ten countries with the most cyber attacks in the world by Nsfocus. The numbers, which are alarming and grow every day due to the greater digitization of companies and services. Scheduled for market launch this month, the BrSecurity Assessment will offer a comprehensive report to help companies maintain more secure cloud environments. According to Alan Yukio Oka, Cloud Manager at BRLink, constant monitoring of the environment is crucial. “Many incidents can be mitigated with the tools and monitoring implemented in the best way”, he comments.

future school

Cesar School launches, for the 2022 academic year, the first edition of the TEAL postgraduate course: Management for the organization of the future. Training for leadership in the “figital” world (physical, digital and social), with skills to lead organizations to the next levels of organizational development. Inspired by the book “Reinventando as Organizações”, by Frederic Laloux, the specialization seeks to provide a complete formation of interdisciplinary skills in the areas of: technology, economics, administration and leadership (Teal).

Blue Friday

Olist confirmed that Best Friday remains the best sales date for small and medium retailers. Successful in the marketplace sales model in previous years, the company expanded its solutions in 2021 with the acquisitions of Tiny, a leader in ERP and management systems for SMEs, and the e-commerce platform. With the arrival of both of them to the ecosystem, the startup starts to deliver solutions for different tenant profiles, from beginners to experienced, meeting the needs of the sales operation at all stages of the business.

The main product categories with high sales were: toys, games and hobbies; house, building and garden; perfumery, beauty and health.


Bodylaser (Orthopride Group) will support Olympic athletes from Flamengo. From now on, they will be able to use the Bodylaser unit at Rio Design Leblon for laser hair removal procedures, necessary in high-performance activities, as part of the partnership between the club and the company. With action, Bodylaser wants to exalt the strength of Olympic athletes, who are always looking for results and medals that elevate the country in competitions around the world.

wear sustainable

Totally sustainable clothing collection represented Brazil at the “MAS” international event, in Pisa, Italy, last week. The clothes were produced from disused pieces of uniforms, which would be incinerated, by the partner electricians of Equatorial Energia Pará. . The looks were handcrafted by 70 women in a situation of social vulnerability, assisted by the Pará Virou Moda project.

To infinity and beyond

VTEX will host this Thursday, 9 at 6:00 pm, the webinar “Beyond Predictable Webinar — Engineering Leadership: How to Develop Leaders” (Engineering Leadership: How to Develop Leaders). The online event, led by Paulo Monçôres, engineering director at VTEX, will debate the development of people within technology companies with the objective of preparing them to assume leadership positions. The conversation will have simultaneous translation into Portuguese and can be followed at this link, with free registration.