Caldera Champion mode in Call of Duty Warzone: how the new season 3 mode works

Activision and Raven Software look to continue making an impact and adding variety to Call of Duty Warzone and to that end, the Reloaded update brings us a new battle royale game mode more intense than the traditional experience.

Boiler Champion invites us to win the game under somewhat different circumstances. If you like to play solo, you’re going to love this mode, although don’t expect something totally different from what we’ve seen over the months.

How the Limited Time Cauldron Champion mode works in Call of Duty Warzone

We are facing a mode for 150 players where we will have to prepare throughout the game to survive the final circle while it gradually narrows. So far everything we know about the battle royale genre.

Caldera Champion is characterized by allowing each player arrives on the map with their custom classa new redeployment token, and a gas mask that will help fix poisonous favor issues.

Besides, Eliminations in this mode automatically replenish players’ health, gear, and ammo and you’ll also be able to find better gear on the ground and in crates, you might even run into players with Specialist perks.

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So the key here is to play aggressively as you will be rewarded for it and won’t be as exposed by winning a matchup. Good luck in the games!

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