Can you imagine living off your hobby? Dean of Tec tells you how to achieve it

The dean of the School of Architecture, Art and Design, of the Tec in the Mexico City Region, Ramiro Estrada gave a talk to young people who are about to start their professional development, where he explained that to have a successful future, you have to dedicate yourself to your hobbies.

In the distance talk called ‘My hobby, my future’ the dean encouraged young people to find their purpose, based on the activities they enjoy.

“When you find in your heart that passion for something, it will become a hobby, something that you will enjoy, traveling, having a sporting activity, an artistic activity, a job that you enjoy, it becomes something that does not cost you work and enjoy.

“This is when we must understand what we want to do in the future, if the enjoyment of this activity generates a resource and not only that, but you leave a legacy to the community or my planet, it becomes a purpose”, explained.

Seek happiness

Designer Ramiro Estrada explained that before choosing what to do in professional life, everyone should ask themselves the question, what makes you happy?

“Before finding the hobby we must understand what makes us happy, does it make me happy to observe, play sports, help people, draw? What makes you happy, there you will start to follow a path.

“Today, they are at a very important point where they have to connect what makes them happy with their hobbies and from there they will be able to enjoy their work, it will not cost them, we have to professionalize our hobby, and with it they will enjoy life”, he expressed.

Knowing himself, discovering in which environment he works best, is the key to finding what to do professionally, this was stated by the Tec professor.

The importance of a hobby

For Ramiro Estrada, there are nine aspects that hobbies demand from each person.

  1. Concentration
  2. Teamwork
  3. Leadership
  4. Social openness
  5. Mental balance
  6. Emotional balance
  7. Constancy
  8. Labor social
  9. Analysis and criticism

“It is very important that they experiment, discover the talent they have, maybe they are excellent leaders, or they are creative, maybe they have not experienced that they have skills in technology.

“Nobody else knows what makes you happy that you yourselves, explore, have that opportunity to do something that you have not anticipated,” commented.

Boxing as a hobby

Make sense of your hobby

The dean of the School of Architecture, Art and Design spoke of some successful men and women such as designers Alfonso Benavides, Fer Jiménez, Caleb Cárdenas and María Rizo, who transformed their hobbies into their way of life.

“The most successful men and women found their businesses in their hobbies, it’s that simple. Great leaders are passionate about what they do, regardless of the economic platform they created.

“The only way to do it is to discover, to experience new things to professionalize the hobby they have, they can connect any taste with a profession. They will be leaders and most importantly, they will be happy ”, concluded.