Check out the horoscope for all signs this Friday, the 3rd

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To what extent are you willing to revise beliefs? And how much are you open to rethinking values ​​and priorities? Well, know that some such wide-ranging questions are essential on this Friday, which is the first of this closing month of 2021. waning moon reaches its last stages, entering the philosophical sign of Sagittarius, where it will reach the New Moon on Saturday morning, the 4th, in a Total Solar Eclipse.

From an astronomical point of view, a Solar Eclipse is when the queen of the night stands between the Terra it’s the Sol, temporarily hiding the light of our star-king. In astrology, eclipses are analyzed symbolically. Thus, a Solar Eclipse always represents the awakening of a new consciousness, ruled by the Sun, from the review of emotional and internal matters, reflected by the take. Even though the astronomical phenomenon is not visible in a certain geographic region, the astrological effects are remarkable.

And as this Friday we’re on the eve of Eclipse, all of these issues come to the fore. It is a day, therefore, to pay attention to the signs that the universe brings. We must be aware of situations that emerge and need revision or definition. All of this, of course, thinking of Sagittarius symbolism, since it is in the sign of the archer that we will have the exact point in the sky where the New Moon and Eclipse take place: religion, philosophy, personal values ​​and ideologies.

You know that term that has become very popular lately, which speaks of such “limiting beliefs”? That’s right: in all critical situations these days, we must question them. Because, as Cazuza said, everyone wants an ideology to live. However, the sky has an ancient lesson to guide us: even the most passionate religions and ideologies demand questioning. After all, it is always healthy to see and review the values ​​that guide us.

Observe: as always when the New Moon is close, our natural satellite will be invisible in the sky tonight, due to its proximity to the Sun. Venus, Saturn e Jupiter, after the sunset of our star-king, at 18:42. They will be near the western horizon: Venus in the Constellation Sagittarius, Saturn and Jupiter in the domains of the Constellation Capricorn. The three can be seen until approximately 9:30 pm, when they also pass, one by one, below the horizon line.

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Aries: Beware of discussions on controversial topics, Arian. Try to reflect a lot before issuing opinions. Also take the opportunity to study and renew your faith.

Bull: you’re full of attitude, taurine. Use the day to resolve outstanding issues. Just keep in mind that resolutions before eclipses can be final.

Twins: It’s time to reflect on the quality of your relationships, Gemini. Heaven helps you renew your relationships. Take the opportunity to encourage dialogue.

Cancer: the day promises to be productive, but you can’t wear yourself out, Cancerian. Respect your time and be more aware of your limitations.

Lion: Renew yourself, leonine. How about you rescue something you like to do? Cultivate your hobbies.

Virgin: Pay more attention to your family, Virgo. Even if the routine is busy, you need to know how to listen and also stimulate productive conversations.

Libra: your head is boiling, Libra. It’s important to structure your thinking so you don’t get lost in so many ideas. Inform yourself.

Scorpion: It’s time to prioritize and manage your finances better, Scorpio. Be careful when assuming expenses and think about investments.

Sagittarius: the day promises deep renewal and a lot of reflection, Sagittarius. View and review opinions and priorities.

Capricorn: It’s important to sleep well and prioritize peace of mind, Capricorn. Remember that health starts with the mind.

Aquarium: Pay more attention to companions and friendships, Aquarius. It’s time for you to know who’s who and not give importance to opinions that don’t add up.

Fishes: the moment helps you think long term, Pisces. Take on your responsibilities and make career plans.

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