Congratulations to send by WhatsApp on New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Eve and New Year 2022

We help you to be creative on these important dates by collecting some congratulations to send by WhatsApp on New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Eve 2021 and New Year 2022.

After having celebrated Christmas Eve, the New Years Eve 2021, event in which we say goodbye to a year that has not been as good as one expected.

Blizzards, floods, erupting volcanoes … And, of course, the happy Coronavirus that is still very present with the various variants that are emerging.

That is why we will always advise you that, if you are going to celebrate New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Eve 2022 with family and friends, do so wisely, taking due precautions so that the evening is as satisfactory as possible for everyone.

Regardless of how the situation of each one with their loved ones is, we must try to cheer up and celebrate New Year’s Eve 2021 with a smile. Therefore, nothing to start the day well than sending the traditional congratulations to family and friends.

Today, in Hobby Consolas, we collect you some congratulations to send by WhatsApp on New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Eve and New Year 2022 with which to encourage our loved ones.

We begin this review by attaching below some beautiful congratulations with which you will cheer up family and friends (and maybe you will make them drop a tear).

  • Close your eyes. Think about everything that made you smile in the year that is ending and forget about the rest. May those smiles multiply by a thousand, Happy New Year 2022.
  • Even if life is not the party you expected, never stop dancing. Happy New Year!
  • I wish that the new year 2022 comes wrapped in paper of happiness for you.Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!
  • I wish you very happy in this year that begins, so much so that you do not know if you live or dream.
  • I wish you 12 months of prosperity, 52 weeks of joy, and 365 days of success.
  • Another year left and it was great to share it with you. Happy new year!
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  • May joy, health, peace and unity manifest daily in the New Year.
  • In the New Year: Value what you have, overcome what hurts you and fight for what you want.
  • I give you a box full of love, peace and hope so that you will not miss any of this throughout the year.
  • A new year is the new beginning and a thousand moments to celebrate, that each noble dream of your heart is crystallized.
  • May this new year fill your home with joy and bring success, happiness, peace and prosperity to all of you.
  • Learn from yesterday, live for today, wait for tomorrow Happy 2022!
  • I wish you much strength and courage to receive this year ready to fight and succeed. Happy New Year Friends!

If you prefer to be a little more hooligans, here are some funny New Year’s Eve congratulations 2021 with which you will make your loved ones laugh.

  • This year I’m sure I’m the first to congratulate you on the New Year. Happy 2023!
  • For this new year 2022 I wish you the life of a toothbrush: lots of toothpaste, a good handle and to be brushed three times a day. Happy New Year!
  • Happy New Year! Have a good New Year’s Eve and pray that the Three Wise Men do not learn to look at your browsing history … Neither do your children he, he, he.
  • This New Year, I want you to do something for me. Place your right hand on the left shoulder and your left hand on the right shoulder. You already have a good long distance hug!
  • I wish you 12 happy months, 52 weeks of joke, 366 days of success, 8760 hours of health, 525600 minutes of luck and 3153600 seconds of sex. Happy 2022!
  • If you are afraid of gaining weight in December, remember to drink alcohol before every meal, it takes away your fear. Happy New Year!
  • At this time I wanted to send you something funny, incredible, tender, sexy, sweet and very entertaining. But sorry, I did not enter the screen. Happy 2022!
  • I wish you that this year your neuroendocrine system is in perfect homeostasis, that your blood glucose, insulin and glucagon levels remain within normal parameters and that your lipid profile is full of HDL and with very low levels of LDL and VLDL.
  • A bottle of cava: 30 euros. A New Year’s Eve party: 60 euros. A party dress: 120 euros. May I congratulate you on the year: it is priceless! Happy 2022!
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  • When I was born, God gave me the choice between being terrific or having a good memory, so Happy Easter!
  • I don’t know whether to keep you in a bank, because you are worth a lot, in the fridge because you are milk, or on an island because you are a treasure. Happy New Year!
  • Afala kita, amula sela, ispa tota, insupuka sula. You have just recited an Indian incantation that will prevent you from making love for all of 2022. Happy and chaste New Year.
  • With a prawn and a mussel I give you a kiss. With a barnacle and my friendship Merry Christmas. And with my love, which is worth an egg, Happy New Year.
  • Friends are like the Civil Guard radars, even if you don’t see them, they are always there. Happy 2022!
  • Start the year in a positive way, lose an electron. Happy 2022!
  • Your telephone operator adapts its rates to your sex life: the less sex you have, the less you pay. !! Congratulations!! Your calls will be free from next 2022. Congratulations!
  • That if peace, that I know love, that if so much roll … I wish you incredible powder, that you work half and earn triple. Happy 2022!
  • If you want a sparkling and cheerful Christmas, drink a soda. If in the New Year you want an avocado, have a whiskey. Happy New Year!
  • The stars bring you the horoscope for this new year. In love you will have excellent luck. In money, the stars smile at you, and in sex … well, in sex the stars laugh out loud. Happy 2022!

We hope you are congratulations to send by WhatsApp on New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Eve and New Year 2022 They have been very useful to you to encourage this special day that can only get better.

If you want some recommendations to be entertained on these dates, here are some of the best Christmas movies to see on Disney Plus in 2021. Have a happy outing and coming into the year!