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posted on 11/14/2021 00:01

(credit: HBO Max/Disclosure)

“Cooking is a gesture of love,” reflects Sandy. It is from this understanding of the artist that HBO Max debuts the newest series on the platform. The streaming launched last Thursday the series Sandy Chef, in which the singer goes into the kitchen and, assisted by some of the best chefs in Brazil, makes dishes prepared for her and her family.

The original production HBO Max is the Brazilian version of the hit Selena Chef, starring Selena Gomez. When invited, Sandy found gaps in the schedule to be able to star in the series of six chapters. “I love cooking programs and I had never imagined presenting one”, says the singer, who had the help of professionals of the caliber of Paola Carosella, Murakami, Lili Almeida, Thiago Castanho, Renata Vanzetto and João Diamante, to learn the recipes, and family, to run the dishes.

Even with a lot of desire, the program was quite challenging for the artist. “I’m a little clumsy”, adds Sandy, who said that in the series she even cut her hand and got burned. “I was pretty goofy at various times, but I learned a lot and allowed myself to experiment,” he says. However, for her, the biggest challenge was getting the recipes right even with the help of the chefs from a distance. “As it was my program, it brings responsibility and willingness to get it right”, explains the singer, who guarantees that at least her own family liked the final result.

“I love cooking, but I have little practice,” confides Sandy. However, after this experience, she feels free to give tips to those who want to start learning new and difficult recipes. “Focusing on everything, putting a lot of focus on what you’re doing and, most importantly, organizing. When you’re cooking, have everything separate and at hand,” advises Sandy to the newest home chefs.

art of cooking

For Sandy, like music, cuisine is an expression. “It’s a magic that happens there”, believes the singer. “We sit around a table, we celebrate each meal”, he adds. “Everything is art”, he completes.

As well as composition and music, now, the artist intends to keep cooking in her own life. “I want this to become one of my main hobbies”, says Sandy, who even intends to watch the series to remember the recipes. “I enjoyed learning and having something else to offer the people I love.”