Crime scene today – plot, criticism, actors: This is how Münster becomes “The Devil’s Long Breath”.

At the crime scene today, Thiel and Prof. Boerne are investigating the murder of an ex-police chief. It is the 40th case from Münster. Is “The Devil’s Long Breath” worth it?

  • It’s called “the devil’s long breath”. crime scene out Münster, which today on Sunday evening (16.01.2022, 8.15 p.m.) in first running.
  • In her 40th case things get complicated for Thiel and prof. Boerne: The ex-boss is found dead in a forest. However, the commissioner struggles with a nasty blackout.
  • In our quick check you get all information about crime scene today: commissioners, actors, plot, criticism and media library.

Action: The Münster crime scene today on Sunday in a quick check

After waking up, Commissioner Frank Thiel (Axel Prahl) cannot explain how he ended up in this hotel room. And what are Prof. Boerne (Jan Josef Liefers) and the big plush koala doing there on the edge of his bed? But it gets even worse: A body was found in the forest nearby. It is about Thiel’s ex-boss from his time with the Hamburg homicide squad, whom he has not seen for years. Or is it? Prof. Boerne is fascinated by Thiel’s amnesia and accompanies him in the search for clues.

Frank Thiel arrives at the site where the body was found with Prof. Karl-Friedrich Börne (Jan Josef Liefers).

Photo: Thomas Kost, WDR/Molina Film

Review: Is it worth tuning in to “Tatort: ​​The Devil’s Long Breath”?

the Münster crime scene turns 20 years old. And for the anniversary, Thiel and Boerne will also be strange as usual: “The Devil’s Long Breath” tells of nasty feelings of guilt, real friendship and a mysterious plush koala. After 40 episodes, the Münster concept, which always provided a subordinate role for the criminal case, has also somewhat exhausted itself, writes Daniel Wirsching in our crime scene column. The case is not very innovative, tedious – and the perpetrator is also quickly identified. You can read the collected crime scene criticism in the press reviews: “Between joke and madness”

Boerne and Thiel discuss: The Münster crime scene as we know it.

Photo: Thomas Kost, WDR/Molina Film

Actors: These are the actors in the Münster crime scene today

  • Frank Thiel: Axel Prahl
  • Prof. Karl-Friedrich Boerne: Jan Josef Liefers
  • Silke Haller: ChrisTine original claim
  • Schrader: Björn Meyer
  • Wilhelmina Klemm: Mechthild Grossman
  • father Thiel: Claus D. Clausnitzer
  • dr bold: Kim Riedle
  • Annika Kröger: Banafshe Hourmazdi
  • Vivian Peters: Judith Goldberg

Tatort today: live stream and full episodes in the ARD-Media library

The First shows the crime scene today, like all episodes, as a live stream in parallel to the TV broadcast on Sunday ARD-Mediathek (to the mediathek). The thrillers can then be accessed there for six months – but only between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. for reasons of youth protection.

Crime scene commissioners: Thiel and Boerne are the investigators in Münster

Since 2002, Frank Thiel and Prof. Dr. dr Karl Friedrich Boerne in Munster. The down-to-earth chief inspector and the snooty forensic doctor are the odds kings at the scene of the crime – values ​​in excess of twelve million are nothing unusual for the unequal duo.

Divorced Thiel comes to Münster from Hamburg. He is not a man of big words, he hates excitement. Thiel rides his bike to work, status symbols mean nothing to him. His trademark is inconspicuousness.

The elite Boerne acts as a biting contrast at Thiel’s side. The sensitive physician is an eloquent chatter who likes to surround himself with beautiful things. His hobbies: nice cars, horseback riding, golf, opera, good food. Colleagues don’t always have it easy with the conceited professor: Boerne can do everything, knows everything – but it’s not uncommon for him to shipwreck.

The crime scene lures millions in front of the television every Sunday. But who actually investigates where? These commissioners or teams are currently on TV.

Crime scene inspectors: who investigates where?

Photo: Thomas Kost, WDR/Molina Film

Press reviews: Criticism of the last Tatort cases from Münster

Broadcast dates: These are the upcoming Tatort episodes on Sunday

Tatort fans can look forward to numerous highlights and cuts in 2022: Meret Becker is investigating in Berlin for the last time, the popular Münster team is turning 20 and the Cologne duo is turning 25 Ed is working on a new crime scene with Til Schweiger, who is pausing the Weimar crime scene. Read here what else awaits spectators at the Tatort in 2022.

  • January 16: “crime scene: The devil’s long breath” (Münster)
  • January 23: “crime scene: The Heart of the Serpent” (Saarbrücken)
  • January 30th: “Police call 110: Hildes Erbe “(Brandenburg)
  • 06 February: “crime scene: Four years” (Cologne)
  • 13th February: “crime scene: Sara’s Confession” (Schwarzwald)