Criticism of Dexter: New Blood 1×10, Sins of the father, now available in Movistar Plus

Every story has an ending, and Dexter: New Blood is no exception. We have already seen the last episode of the season on Movistar Plus, so we go with our verdict.

It’s been 10 interesting weeks watching the return of Michael C. Hall What Dexter Morgan, so we prepare for the last episode to say goodbye to this revival so necessary for many of Dexter fans.

The final episode of Dexter: New Blood, titled Sins of the father, comes to Movistar Plus to close the circle created throughout the season.

Marcos Siega directs the episode, which is scripted by Clyde Phillips (showrunner original de Dexter), Alexandra Franklin and Marc Muszynski.

Today at Hobby Consoles, we say goodbye to Dexter: New Blood with our review of the latest episode of the series. Will it be the ending that the fans expected?

As always, we remind you that we will not delve into spoilers for this tenth episode, but we will talk about events that happened throughout the season.


We are facing an episode that is going to go up in flames from the beginning. All the subplots are closed and only the fattest fringe remains to be closed.

It might seem that the end of Kurt Caldwell in the penultimate episode would weigh down the end of Dexter: New Blood, but the absence of the character of Clancy Brown (Detroit become human), although it shows, it was necessary.

There is only Angela Bishop and his renewed emphasis on pulling the blanket that has covered Dexter Morgan’s life.

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This tenth episode will give much more prominence (obviously) to the character of Julia Jones (The Mandalorian), and the actress takes advantage of it quite well.

It also gives some background to Audrey and Harrison idyll, although in general lines, evaluating the entire season, it is a subplot that has been used as a resource in two moments, the rest is essentially filler.


When Dexter ended in 2013, his ending sparked a heated debate on the internet. Dexter: New Blood is not going to be far behind.

From the beginning we knew what this miniseries was about, although in many sections of its episodes we have wondered what they were playing with the story.

We are going to have a cameo in the episode that could have given much more game, but that has remained an anecdote which contributes little to what we, and the characters, knew.

Dexter: New Blood 1x10

The climatic scene is simple, matching the series in general. When developing in an environment like Iron Lake, many of their scenes take place in such similar environments that they provide relatively little variety.

However, this simplicity in the setting of the scene redounds to its benefit, helping us to focus on what is important.

It will be a resolution that will not satisfy everyone, since it takes a lot of licenses and obviates many facets of the behavior of the characters.

ATTENTION: From this point on we will enter spoilers for the final episode of Dexter: New Blood. We recommend stopping reading until you’ve seen the end of the series.


Reviewing the episode in particular, and all of Dexter: New Blood in general, we have several doubts about the mission and the true need to bring this story.

Many of you will not agree, but except that these ten episodes of Dexter: New Blood are going to be translated into a spin-off series centered on Harrison, which we are not sure if it would come together, the series would only have provided its end.

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And it’s an ending we all expected when we heard about Dexter’s return. An ending very much in the vein of Breaking Bad, with the antihero dying for his sins. Even the title of the episode predicts its resolution.

The main theory is that Harrison (Jack Alcott) will continue to deal with his Dark passenger, using the lessons received from his father intensively and learning others as he goes. This in a hypothetical series centered on him.

Angela Bishop’s way of reacting when arriving at the place where Harrison ends his father’s agony breaks with the evolutionary line and the resolution of his own character: “Hala, sweetie, take this pasta and go away.”

Dexter: New Blood 1x10

We don’t know if we’ve missed something, but there is nothing to back up that favor deal by a police chief to a minor who has just shot his father, no matter how serial killer the victim. But hey, fiction is fiction.

Ángel Batista, a cameo that could lead to a tremendous reunion and that remains in a “wow, I’m going there.” The information he provides during the call was already held by Chief Bishop, and although it is cool to see David Zayas again in the series, not a good case of fanservice.

Last but not least. Do you remember that dodgy petromillionaire from the first episodes that was never heard from again? We can already say that his three scenes are totally inconsequential and if we removed them from the series, NOTHING would have happened.

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Ultimately, Dexter: New Blood has delivered on its promise. Clyde Phillips said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that if he was asked to do a series about Harrison, he would return without hesitation..

However, we don’t see much potential in seeing a Dexter-like series without Michael C. Hall and his iconic character. Dexter’s charm was being a serial killer INSIDE the police.

Dexter: New Blood lost that plot magic and, although it has not been an unsatisfactory experience, has left us a feeling of indifference about his deeds, in a way the same as the eighth season left many of us.

What did you think of this outcome? Would you have opted for a different ending for Dexter: New Blood?