Death’s Door, Life and Death beyond Games

This is the starting point for one of the most outstanding games of 2021. Well executed, with enchanting settings and a consistent story, Death’s Door gives us a rounded experience, and is a game worth your attention. Of course, the mainstream media paid extra attention to this game. It’s no coincidence that he’s running for several awards, including ‘Indie of the Year’ on The Game Awards, one of the biggest awards in the sector.

But other ideas came to me during the game. Although it’s a round game, as I said above, it doesn’t take much risk. So you won’t find anything innovative or revolutionary in Death’s Door. Which doesn’t erase its shine, but that made me have other thoughts about the game.

Its main theme is death, and that’s what I’m going to talk about.

“What’s the use? Are we going to have to die in the end?”

Through a life-harvesting crow, we see a world shaken by the accumulation of souls in the physical world. The natural order is not following and a few wield great power because of it – often with selfish motives. The weakest or those who do not condone the situation, live precariously, leaving their old lives to protect themselves from the growing evil.

As a bastion of balance, our crow, armed with his sword and special abilities, faces the challenges of trying to restore order to that world.

As the story unfolds, the game presents us with different perspectives on death: some want it so they can put an end to a life that no longer has meaning; others cannot let go of family members or the power that immortality provides; and there are still those who just want to enjoy life intensely, knowing that one day it might end. And it is these reflections that I want to expand here.

(Image: Return Digital/Disclosure)

“Without death our life does not flourish”

The crow can be a sign of ill omen. In the game, our crow is death itself, but it ends the existence of those who want to unbalance the natural harmony. By putting an end to their immortality and opening the doors for souls to rest, our little buddy allows everyone to enjoy a life that, although short, is full.

We humans always question death and what can happen after our bodies shut down. Religions, thinkers, scientists and artists have always tried to find (or impose) an answer to this question.

This is an important question, but I prefer to focus on the life we ​​have here. We worry so much about what’s next that we forget to live, to enjoy the experiences that lie ahead. The belief in an existence beyond life, makes people limit themselves, not fully experiencing their desires. And with that, prejudices and discriminations are generated, because people who limit in life also want to impose this limitation on those who are free. And so, respect for others, which many religions preach, is left aside.

By believing that your life is short-lived, your shackles will break. You will love more intensely; he will value true friendships and leave without remorse those who do him harm; you will know how to plan your walk better and thus set your goals; he will try to find value in all his actions and add the lives of those he loves and not harm their dreams; you will have respect for your life and for others, whether you are close or not.

(Image: Return Digital/Disclosure)

“We must reject those who lead us into a hopeless future.”

There are small parallels that can be drawn between the game and our reality: minorities affected by the greed of authoritarian rulers; misinterpreted mind-binding beliefs; nature being affected by external forces; corrupt deals that benefit those in charge; ambitions masked by friendship that result in betrayal. All linked to the intention of harming other people’s lives for personal gain.

There are no simple answers for our existence, but blindly following rogue leaders or nurturing toxic relationships is certainly not a good way to enjoy life. Abandon what or those who limit and/or harm you. Just like in the game, your soul can get lost and corrupted by listening to those who just want to reduce you so that their existence is worth it. As it is said in the game:

“True greatness may cost you your soul…”

Appropriating this speech about the game, I tell you that those who try to fully live their earthly existence will face obstacles in the form of people, institutions, structural prejudices and various other sources that will try to tell you that you cannot live the way you do. . They will disrespect you and try to fit you into patterns. And to continue your walk on this plane until its end, to be great in your life, you will have to struggle.

Reflecting on death, on our end, helps us to experience life more fervently. It makes us have more concrete reasons to make our choices. And that can apply to your professional career, where you live, your hobbies, friendships, and the person (or people) you choose to love and walk with.

Because, unlike the little game, we don’t get extra lives when we die to a big boss. So love and value those who are really by your side.

Death’s Door is available for PC, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One e Xbox Series S|X.