DICE reveals new update 2 changes for Battlefield 2042

What’s coming with the new Battlefield 2042 update? DICE has shown the great changes of this one, which will arrive on November 25, with another in early December.

The second update Battlefield 2042 will arrive on November 25. At least that’s how EA SAYS has announced it, offering details of its content after the first.

As reported in VGC, the study has given details of what will be added in this Update 2. In addition, it comes along with future plans for keep improving Battlefield 2042.

On Tuesday, the development team noted that there was “critical issues“with the servers. But the developer was already there”willing to solve it quickly“.

On very rare occasions we have seen that our servers did not register the correct bookmarks“, they explained.”Although they are rare, we are already actively working to identify what may be the cause and will create solutions.“.

DICE thanks to everyone who has been submitting clips and images. Of course, they recognize that the team is not satisfied with how aiming works on PC and consoles, a problem already reported.

Shortly after launch, many of the gamers on PC helped expose inconsistent aiming behavior related to mouse sensitivity.

We have investigated this and concluded that the settings are not being applied correctly. A fix for this has been developed and will arrive with the third game update“.

It seems that on consoles, DICE has done similar research about the Wizard. “We are aware of the problems that you have sent us and they do not behave with respect to our designs.

We continue to do so and we will keep you informed“. The update 2 will have changes to some weapons, solving its ‘dispersion’ since it is very high; especially with assault rifles.

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  • Global spread when zooming and panning has been reduced.
  • Seasonal accuracy when zooming in on many weapons has been improved.
  • Dispersion now drops faster and sooner when spacing shots. That means more hit with a single shot or short bursts.
  • Increased the vertical recoil of the PP-29 to ensure the weapon does not over-perform when fighting outside its intended range.
  • Improved the resuscitation of Soldiers, in relation to ‘a soldier cannot be revived if he dies near an object or wall‘.
  • Added a protection system in the respawn that will help prevent any strange problems that could leave a player in low for too long and force to a manual one.
  • Reactivated our UAV-1 interaction in Battlefield Portal, available on the Battlefield Bad Company 2 maps. It was very high in power, we have adjusted it to improve it.
  • The CAA Hovercraft and MD540 Nightbird vehicles have been balanced.
  • Dispersion has been reduced on all weapons except shotguns. That will result in more consistent bullets throughout the game.

After this Update 2 for Battlefield 2042, DICE will publish a third in early December. But the next one will be a bigger one with a greater number of solutions for the game.

However, the studio still has a way to go if it wants upgrade Battlefield 2042. Along with the review bombing in Metacritic by users, it was recently joined by the bad reviews on Steam.

These occupy a large part of the total reviews on Valve’s platform. This same granted him to be one of the worst rated games on Steam, being the 8th a few days ago; although now it is 12º.

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