Ebersberg / Baldham · Andrea Splitt-Fischer is the new managing director at KBW Ebersberg

A new face at KBW

Andrea Splitt-Fischer’s central motto in life, both privately and at work, is: Learning is a lifelong process. Photo: Christoph Mukherjee

Ebersberg / Baldham · On June 1, Andrea Splitt-Fischer, who lives in Baldham, took over the management of the Catholic adult and family education institution on parental leave. In a fourteen-day transition phase, Jennifer Becker, who is expecting her first child in a few weeks and then taking parental leave for two years, was able to introduce her successor to the most important current affairs in order to hand over management to her for the next two years.

Andrea Splitt-Fischer’s central motto in life, both privately and at work, is: Learning is a lifelong process. Her résumé makes it clear that the eight years of split fishermen who lived in Baldham took her motto seriously. Born in Bochum, she completed her first degree in economics with a focus on marketing and statistics at the Ruhr University in her hometown with a degree in economics. She then worked for more than 25 years in various positions in Munich, Zurich and Luxembourg at the largest Swiss reinsurance group.

Splitt-Fischer revealed in an interview that she enjoyed the versatility and challenges of her areas of responsibility, working with many international teams and immersing herself in other cultures. But when she was in her early 50s, Splitt-Fischer continued, she wanted to expand her professional spectrum, “dare to do something new again”. After a successful career in business, her goal was to participate in social tasks, preferably in education, with her professional commitment. Splitt-Fischer was able to gain initial experience in this area while working as a lecturer at the educational center for the insurance industry in Munich. 30 years after completing her first degree in Bochum, she completed her second degree last year with a master’s degree at the University of Philosophy in Munich.

Topic of her master’s thesis: “Identity and culture in the field of tension between totality and dissolution”. During her studies, she worked on a 5-month research project in the migration department on the subject of “women-specific support”. In her free time, Splitt-Fischer volunteers as a board member of non-profit organizations such as the “project Anna Kinderhilfe Kaliningrad eV”, was involved in homework help for elementary and middle school students in Vaterstetten and brings her expertise as an auditor to the neighborhood aid organization in Vaterstetten, Zorneding and Grasbrunn , where she currently looks after senior citizens on a voluntary basis. Her hobbies, if there is time, are: enjoying the rich cultural offerings in the district and the state capital, hiking, fitness and yoga, painting, cooking and philosophizing.

Article from 07/07/2021

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