Educational advice offers help with corona effects – report for the year 2021 from the advice center of the district of Celle – Celler Presse

District of CELLE. Due to Corona, the year 2021 was also a very special year for children and teenagers and their parents in the city and district of Celle. By November 15, 2021 there were almost 600 registrations in the educational counseling center.

At the beginning of the year, many parents turned to the counseling center because conflicts in the families were escalating violently. The combination of home office obligations and children’s needs without outside or institutional support turned out to be particularly explosive. The longer the contact restrictions lasted, the more children missed their friends. The longer young people were catapulted out of school and hobbies, the greater the challenges in terms of self-motivation and self-discipline.

In the first half of the year, the educational counseling center expanded the telephone counseling and introduced video counseling. Particularly close contact was established with some of the stressed parents – often single mothers. These mothers not only called at the agreed times, but also used the opportunity for feedback in between. With some parents there were short stabilizing phone calls several times a week – even in acute disputes with their children, so that they could calm the situation down. Lunchtime was particularly popular with parents of small children. Many parents used their children’s afternoon nap to make phone calls.

During this time, telephone advice was also established with young people. In some cases, they opened up to controversial issues very quickly – calling from their own room – which would have required a little more trust-building measures “in visual contact”.

Since the young people were often exclusively in homeschooling and had hardly any outside contact, there were young people who hardly ever left their room. These young people were invited for walks. In the “outgoing conversation”, some young people seemed to find it easier to express themselves than in a classic counseling setting.
In order to respond to the fact that many young people found anonymous advice on the Internet or participation in chat forums to be a relief and that the use of online advice via the Federal Conference for Educational Advice has increased significantly, a qualified psychologist from the educational counseling center has been trained in this regard and is 5 hours a week joined bke online advice.

In 2020, the option of video advice was set up, which was increasingly accepted or specifically requested during the lockdown. Many parents had a routine use of video conferencing through home office or homeschooling for their children. In this context, the appointments could easily be divided into time parts for the parents and time parts for the children or adolescents. Mothers and small children could be observed in their interaction and these aspects could be incorporated into the counseling. Materials (links for reading, short films, etc.) for the time between the appointments were sent.

After the summer holidays, daycare centers and schools started and the children came back to the institutions. Many children especially looked forward to meeting friends. Since the autumn holidays, however, there has been a disproportionately high number of registrations at the educational counseling center, some with pronounced symptoms. Many children react with fears and pronounced psychosomatic abdominal pain or headaches or show aggressive behavior in group contexts. Some young people seem unable to find their way back into the fixed structures and continue the lockdown of their own accord.

This autumn and winter, the educational counseling center will provide all capacities for counseling children, adolescents and parents. Training courses for multipliers only take place in exceptional cases, so that short-term support for those seeking advice can still be guaranteed. Young people are currently being accompanied particularly quickly and for longer if there are no psychotherapeutic options available for reasons of capacity. In the counseling processes, face-to-face, telephone and video counseling will continue to be combined in such a way that it corresponds to the current needs of the respective family seeking advice.