Entrepreneur creates platform to help in the financial management of women’s businesses – Small Companies Large Businesses

the entrepreneur Rachel Santos he jokes that he needed to accumulate ten years of experience to have an idea in a few seconds. This Wednesday (1st/12), she launches the financial management platform for women iDelas, created to facilitate the daily lives of female entrepreneurs and allow their businesses to be financially healthy.

Raquel Santos, creator of the iDelas platform (Photo: Disclosure)

With a degree in administration, Santos considered embarking on an adventure with his brother, when he bought the company he had worked for ten years and asked her to do the financial management of the business. Determined to specialize in the subject, she took courses focused on micro and small businesses, when she had the realization that financial topics need not be so complicated and boring.

He created his own method, called Finance, and began advising companies and mentoring entrepreneurs. With 11,000 followers on Instagram, she noticed that the vast majority of her audience were women and, with the help of a friend, she created a software based on her method because she wanted to use technology in some way to expand her teachings.

In December of last year, she met an app developer and found the way to convey her experience to help more women. “I want to live in a better country. If I can help women’s businesses not to close due to lack of cash at the till, I will help my country. I found my purpose,” he recalls.

In about ten months, Santos took the idea off paper and turned it into reality. In February of this year, it carried out a round of investments with friends and family, when it captured BRL 112 thousand. After that, he got investment from angel investors. “I didn’t have a dollar to put into the project. I started to sell the idea, in my face and with courage, talking to investors”, he says. With determination, he captured more BRL 250 thousand. In November, it delivered the trial version to the app’s first 20 subscribers.

The platform allows users to price products, monitor cash flow, reduce bad debt and create budgets. Using artificial intelligence and with the presence of the mascot Quel, the application intends to guide subscribers on a daily basis on the goals to be met. “Everything is very simple. She will open the application and find out how much cash the business has in cash and how much it should have to be financially healthy”, she explains.

In the future, Santos expects the app to be big data of female entrepreneurship, as more businesses register on the platform, allowing the exchange of information and guiding pricing and pro-labore. “I want it to be fun and that, in ten minutes, women use the app and move from it daily to make the business grow,” he says.

View of part of the iDelas platform (Photo: Disclosure)

View of part of the iDelas platform (Photo: Disclosure)

The entrepreneur wants women to spend less time on business so that they can spend more good times with family, friends and investing in hobbies, without neglecting work. “I believe that a woman can be wherever she wants. I want to generate financial independence so that they become owners of their own money and their own noses”, she aims.

iDelas is available for Android and iOS with a monthly subscription starting at R$59.90, with a 15-day free trial. The expectation is to reach the mark of 10 thousand subscribers by the end of 2022. For this, Santos signed a contract with companies that work with resellers, and the platform will be delivered as a benefit. The entrepreneur hopes to earn R$150,000 in the first year of the tool’s existence.

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