Facundo Guas’s dream: from hobby to being Ecko’s personal barber

He defines himself as “artists’ barber”, but he started from the bottom. Facundo Guas He is 21 years old and at 18 he started with the barber shop, cutting the hair of his friends and acquaintances. What was a temporary job became a vocation. “Today is what I want to dedicate myself to”affirms the young man born in Lomas de Zamora.

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Today he rubs shoulders with celebrities, generally rap music figures, has his own shop in Las Lomitas and trains professional barbers. An award that was won after enormous sacrifice and work. “I have been dedicated to this for approximately 4 years and during that time I trained a lot, with professionals from Argentina and also from Peru, Uruguay, Colombia, among others”, Explain.

Facundo Guas, the bib chosen by celebrities, in his barbershop in Lomas de Zamora. (Photo: Instagram/@facundo.guas)

From working at home to giving L-Ghent a haircut

In addition to professionalizing himself, Facundo had the dream of becoming the hairdresser of famous personalities. “Reaching out to celebrities is something that I always sought and little by little it happened, generally these things happen through contacts,” he says.

Facundo Guas, the barber who cut L-Gante's hair. (Photo: Instagram/@facundo.guas)
Facundo Guas, the barber who cut L-Gante’s hair. (Photo: Instagram/@facundo.guas)

He first worked on the image of El Noba, the singer who is fighting for his life todaywho recommended it with L-Gante, one of the most popular cumbieros of the moment. The same artist invited him to be in charge of the styling for the recording of a video clip with the singer Crazy dog. At the moment, Guas is the personal barber of the freestyler and rapper Ecko.

Facundo Guas cut L-Gante’s hair. (Video: Instagram/@facundo.guas)

“Working on the image of artists is great, they are works that many people see, either for a story or for a video clip. It is a very good way to make yourself known, and that people from all over can see the quality of your work”, she assures.

His specialty: the fade cut, the trend of the moment

Facundo keeps abreast of the latest trends in barbering and mentions the cut fadeone of the most requested, as its specialty.

“It is a cut that varies in numbers, tones and colors. Also known as “shading” or “gradient,” he explains. And he adds: “It is the cut of the moment, 85% of the people who go to a barbershop ask for it”.

Facundo Guas specializes in cutting "fade", also known as gradient. (Photo: Instagram/@facundo.guas)
Facundo Guas specializes in the “fade” cut, also known as degraded. (Photo: Instagram/@facundo.guas)

The key to success? It is a cut to maintain, so you have to go to the barbershop often if you want to keep it neat. “Most of the people I see come every 15 days or once a week, and there are also those who get a retouch twice a week,” he says.

The future: international career and his own chain of barbershops

Although he achieved a lot in a short time, Facundo has more aspirations. “One of my projects is to continue working on the image of more artists, and that many more people know what I do”, he points out. In addition, he affirms that he would love to travel and work in other countries like the United States, “to have the experience and to know what it feels like.”

Facundo Guas opened his own barbershop and is singer Ecko's personal hairdresser. (Photo: Instagram/@facundo.guas)
Facundo Guas opened his own barbershop and is singer Ecko’s personal hairdresser. (Photo: Instagram/@facundo.guas)

Backed by his talent and determination, he allows himself to dream big: “My dream is to have my chain of barbershops and my academies where the trade is taught to people from all over the world.”

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