Fans come to Henry Cavill’s defense after actor becomes TV joke

Henry Cavill became a joke on The Graham Norton Show. The presenter made fun of The Witcher star for having Warhammer as a hobby.

On the show, Cavill said he likes to paint Warhammer’s miniatures, which are then used to play with other players.

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“You have more hobbies than most men, I would say,” Graham said, before saying, “You paint Wolrd of War… Craft?” “Warhammer,” corrected Henry Cavill.

After that, the presenter made light of the actor’s hobby, treating it as if it were child’s play, something that didn’t please the fans.

On the show, even Tom Holland, Spider-Man, said this hobby sounds amazing and he would like to play with it.

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fans react

On social media, fans went to Henry Cavill’s defense, criticizing Graham Norton’s stance.

“This attitude towards hobbies is one of the reasons I’m glad I don’t live in Britain anymore. I don’t understand this kind of obvious prejudice here and it’s totally unjustified”, tweeted one fan.

“Henry Cavill being teased on the Graham Norton Show about his hobby of Warhammer made me a little angry. Let others have fun”, said another fan.

“This is an incredibly disrespectful way to talk about someone’s hobby on a televised show. You can support a hobby even if you don’t understand. Life is short, be happy people do what makes them feel good”, wrote another fan.

“Henry Cavill getting teased for being an MMO gamer is because I hate it here,” tweeted another fan.

“If you don’t understand someone else’s hobby, that’s no reason to be insulting. Let people like things!” wrote another fan.

Henry Cavill can be seen in The Witcher on Netflix, whose second season is December 17, 2021.