Far from soap operas, Guilherme Leicam invests in a new career and reveals

Away from TV, Guilherme Leicam announces work as a DJ (Image: Playback / Instagram)

Away from soap operas since The owner of the piece, William Leicam, who played Leandro in the plot, revealed that he is focused on a new professional project.

On Instagram, the artist posted a photo in which he appears with music equipment. Smiling, the famous told that he will start his DJ career.

Today I started a new project in music and I wanted to share my happiness with you”, started the famous, which, which announced:

“Music has always been a part of me, singing, composing and playing have always been my favorite hobbies, and now I’m discovering a new version of myself, because change is necessary. Wait for news… Here comes DJ Leicam!!.

In the comments, the followers reacted. “success, beautiful“, said a fan. “I wish you all the success in the world. Following you and cheering you here“, said another. “Aee. Congratulations”, wrote one more.

Guilherme Leicam took piano lessons

It is worth mentioning that, last year, the actor had already been showing signs that he wanted to establish a stronger connection with music. In an interview with the column by Patrícia Kogut, from the newspaper O Globo, who was taking advantage of the quarantine to learn to play the piano.

“I’m a singer and I started with musical theater. It’s in my DNA as an artist. After the novel, I wanted to go deeper and study a new instrument, the piano. It helps me a lot to compose and relax in my free time“, he reported.

Very dedicated, the heartthrob also told that he was in charge of an interpretation course that bears his name. “I had already done some workshops in Brazil, created through my production company, Dialética Filmes. I did one called ‘The Entrepreneur Actor’”, said.

It talks a lot about how I started my career. After that, it took on a large proportion, reaching some cities in Brazil, such as Fortaleza, Uberlândia, Juiz de Fora, Campinas and Brasília“, completed.

“When the pandemic came, I started doing it online. I focused on a class every Friday night. At home, I meet a group of 20 students who have been with me since June, from all over Brazil and of all ages“, revealed.

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