From new professions to hobbies: online courses are a great option for learning

The internet is one of the simplest and most powerful tools ever created by humanity and its educational potential is unparalleled. Through the world wide web and several online platforms it is possible to learn from a new professional career to any kind of interesting hobby. Here, it will be possible to know the main ones.

Renowned universities have several online courses

Brazil has around 134 million internet users and for anyone looking to receive something equivalent to a university education without the high cost of tuition, few options are better suited than Coursera.

Widely considered one of the largest online learning platforms for nearly a decade, Coursera has amazing courses capable of training professionals in fields of knowledge ranging from psychology and literature to economics.

All courses are created and taught by professors from some of the most prestigious universities in the world, which range from great American names such as Cambridge, Harvard, Stanford, Princeton and John Hopkins, to national institutions such as Insper.

In fact, as reported by Exame magazine, the most popular course among Brazilians at Coursera is Insper. It is the “Introduction to Analytical Marketing” course, which teaches the various basics of analytical marketing, including the main metrics that should be analyzed and market segmentation in relation to consumer behavior.

Another excellent platform available is Class Central, an aggregator of online courses that has several interesting options for enthusiasts of teaching through the internet.
For example, through it it is possible to find several alternatives from the prestigious University of Warwick.

Educational institution located in England, Warwick U offers several courses aimed at those who want to develop logical, mathematical and analytical reasoning, having been responsible for training great names in online poker, such as Thomas Partridge, James Keys and Zimnan Ziyard, among others successful competitors.

Some of the main options offered by the university range from courses that teach about Shakespeare’s influences to measuring and predicting human behavior through the use of big data and even how to improve decision-making – programs that make it easy to understand why the university counts with so many successful card sport professionals.

Now, for those who are looking for quick courses aimed at specialization and market insertion exclusively related to areas of technology, the highlight is Udacity.

Platform dedicated to offering courses in the area of ​​software development, there it is possible to learn and earn “nanodegrees”, teaching certificates valued by technology companies, in areas related to programming and web development.

“It is possible to access the various courses available even through smartphones and tablets”
Platforms offer courses of all types

In addition to the platforms exclusively dedicated to the development of skills aimed at the professional area, there are also websites and platforms aimed at those who intend to learn all kinds of skills, such as English and German, as well as hobbies, such as playing the guitar.

In this sense, few have as many positive indications by the media as the famous Udemy. From free courses to paid courses – which often have advantageous promotions for those interested – this is the main option for prospective students with more limited budgets.

At Udemy you can find courses with classes from specialists in broad topics, such as technology, marketing, health, programming, all kinds of musical instruments, all kinds of foreign languages, art history, skateboarding and even lifestyle.

The plethora of courses offered is gigantic and it would be difficult for the platform to curate the quality of what is available. Therefore, to guarantee the quality of the numerous courses that can be accessed, Udemy has an excellent system of evaluation by the students who have completed the courses, which allows interested parties to identify the best courses and specialists before committing themselves.

As an example, the “Extreme English – Complete Course from Zero to Fluency”, which is offered by professor Paulo from “Extreme English”, has more than 17 hours of videos on demand and is one of the best-sellers and well-reviewed of the platform. There are more than 47 thousand students who purchased the course and more than 10 thousand positive evaluations from those who completed all the modules.

Another example of success at Udemy is the course “Strategies to Increase Your Productivity: Basic Guide”. Offered by professor Ismar Souza, the course has just over an hour of videos on demand and has already been sold to more than 6,000 students, with more than 550 positive reviews.

Many options available for those who want to learn online

The platforms mentioned above are just the main options of the numerous distance learning alternatives available to Brazilian users. In addition to them, with a few hours of research, it is possible to find several other high-level options on the most varied topics of interest.