“Genealogy is America’s Number Two Hobby”

“Our First Page is a civil association that since 2015 has been working towards the search for the biological identity of family relationships,” he said. Villaverde.

The NGO’s reference also referred to the incorporation of new technological tools for DNA analysis: “A very important part of our work is the dissemination of this DNA technology and giving many people access to the possibility of having these tests done. and to find family relationships ”, he highlighted.

“In the United States this DNA test is done a lot and in fact it is used as a Christmas gift because there are so many people who do genealogy. Genealogy is the number two hobby in that country. It is an interesting question for people to know about their ancestors, the ethnic groups, although we do not look for close relatives, it is interesting because it provides a lot of information, “he considered.

And he explained that “in the United States 8 percent of the adult population has done ancestral DNA studies.”

On the other hand, he explained how the initiative launched a few days ago began: “It began to take shape in March and we were able to launch it about a month ago, it is a call for them to register and be able to provide them with information, advice and the possibility of accessing to the DNA test at no cost ”.

Finally, he explained that registration remains open on his website www.nuestraprimerapagina.org, for all those interested. (www.REALPOLITIK.com.ar)


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