Genshin Impact: How to Unlock Boss Azhdaha

We show you how to unlock and face the Azhdaha boss in Genshin Impact, available since update 1.5. of the game.

Genshin Impact is one of the most popular games of the moment in PlayStation, PC and mobile devices. It is currently experiencing its update 2.3, marked by the arrival of winter.

There are tons of events and missions to accomplish in this new version. However, that doesn’t mean you should ignore what Inazuma has already offered for months. Much attention to the following.

In Genshin Impact we can face challenging bosses, and one of the most remembered is Azhdaha. It was introduced with version 1.5, but you may not have faced him yet.

In order to defeat him, you must first find his hiding place. And that is what we will see today in Genshin Impact: How to Unlock Boss Azhdaha.

Genshin Impact: How to Unlock Boss Azhdaha

Surely you have already fulfilled many version 2.3 challenges and events. at Genshin Impact. To get you started before update 2.4, you could meet goals from previous versions.

One of these is the confrontation with Azhdaha, a boss that was introduced in version 1.5. and that is still available in the game. Do you know where it is hiding? We see it below.

In case you feel ready to take on Azhdaha, you will need to have completed the mission first. Act 2 of the Ancient History Chapter: No Mere Stone… but there is much more.

Genshin Impact

The mission that takes you to Azhdaha belongs to the missions of historia de Zhongli. To access these missions, you will have to be rank 40 adventure and meet other requirements.

Before starting the Zhongli missions, you have to complete the missions Ancient History Chapter Act I: Sal Flore and Chapter I Act IV: We will meet.

Azhdaha hides in the Dominio de Trounce, which in turn is south of Dragon-Queller. This huge tree is very close to Mount Hulao in Liyue. The truth is that activating the mission is not complicated at all.

Genshin Impact

How difficult will be defeat Azhdaha. If you have followed the steps described, it is very possible that you are already before him … which implies that you will have to fight. In his day he was one of the most complicated weekly bosses.

In the battle against the dragon Azhdaha we recommend you take a Geo skill character, and be very careful with your secondary elemental attack. Also, the platform you are on can be broken by their attacks.

Another recommendation is that you carry characters with healing ability, such as Jean or BarbaraAs Azhdaha’s attacks remove many health points. The trick is in the elements you use.

Azhdaha masters four elements: Hydro, Pyro, Cryo y Electro. Each time you use an item, it will become the type corresponding to the attack you use, and there are different phases in combat.

  • Phase 1: 66 Health / Use Hydro and Pyro
  • Phase 2: 33 Health / Use Cyro and Electro
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As we have said above, the best thing to do to face Azhdaha is use the Geo element, heal often and also resort to the shield. Also keep in mind the types that the dragon will adopt in each phase.

If you have followed our advice, you will surely have finished with Azhdaha … and you will have achieved juicy rewards. Of course, do not forget that it is a prior expense for being a weekly boss.

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