Government of the Azores supports business incubation in the area of ​​culture

“The Regional Directorate of Culture […] decided to invest in cultural entrepreneurship, funding the three-year incubation of the best, most innovative, creative, diverse and daring business ideas of amateur or already professional cultural agents and awakening others to this effective mechanism of cultural development and cultural job creation” , said the regional director, Ricardo Tavares, at the protocol signing ceremony with Terinov, in Angra do Heroísmo.

The Support Program for the Professionalization of Cultural Agents in the Azores (Cultur-Inov) provides for an investment of around 13,000 euros from the Regional Directorate of Culture, intended for the “payment of services” provided by Terinov, over a period of three years.

Applications should open until March and a maximum of 10 projects will be selected, from any island in the archipelago, linked to areas such as performing and visual arts, cultural heritage, cinema and audiovisual, photography, music and digital arts.

“As long as the ideas are innovative, viable and creative, they will likely be accepted and funded”, underlined the regional director.

Ricardo Tavares stressed that culture “promises strong growth for the coming years”, claiming that when the covid-19 pandemic gives way “it will give a lot of space to cultural creation”.

“Culture will be the future of the economy and we, in the Azores, are the most densely cultural region in the country, we have excellent conditions for that”, he stressed.

According to the regional director for Culture, the integration of projects in a virtual incubation regime will allow them to have access to a “good network of contacts and partnerships” and to “fundamental services” such as “administrative, technical, financial and legal support and press”.

“Business ideas are converted into concrete strategic plans and entrepreneurs are guided towards fruitful mechanisms for seeking funding, business management, staff training, marketing operations and measurement of results, and they become aware of intellectual property and patent processes “, he added.

According to the executive director of Terinov, Duarte Pimentel, more than a third of the projects incubated in the park are linked to cultural industries and the sector is “in strong growth”.

“In a universe of 67 projects, we have approximately 28 projects related to these areas”, he added.

Duarte Pimentel defended that it is possible to bet on the professionalization of this sector and make projects that are today ‘hobbies’ to be seen as a “full-time profession”, with “financial return”.

“What we are talking about here is objectively the professionalization of cultural and creative agents, with a view to financial profitability. There is no need to be afraid to say this, because culture is also made to earn money. We have many good examples here”, he pointed out. .

The program provides for a virtual incubation, which will allow the inclusion of projects “from Corvo to Santa Maria”, but Duarte Pimentel guaranteed that the support provided will be “exactly the same” as that given to those who are in Terinov’s physical space.

“It is in virtual incubation exclusively, because, on the one hand, Terinov is full, but, on the other hand, because objectively we want to give a regional dimension to the program”, he explained.

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