Have a child vaccinated against corona? Not an easy decision

The children’s vaccinations against the corona virus have picked up speed. The youngest got their spades in the Kamen town hall and now also in the marina in Bergkamen. Meanwhile, it is sometimes not so easy for parents to decide for or against a vaccination when the child is still young.

This is supported by the fact that they are no longer so contagious when vaccinated, rather against the fact that they would most likely not suffer a severe course and therefore Corona does not pose such a great danger.

“In the last few days and weeks we have been increasingly concerned with making a decision and have discussed a lot,” reports Manuela Holzmann-Weckenbrock from Bergkamen. She and her husband have a seven and a two year old daughter. And it is not easy to make a quick decision because many aspects have to be taken into account. “Ultimately, we – as fundamental advocates of the vaccination – only lacked the unreserved recommendation from Stiko,” said the mother.

Mother campaigns for vaccination out of solidarity

After extensive comparison and weighing of all the arguments, the family has now decided to have the older daughter vaccinated as soon as possible. “We are concerned about two unknown components, on the one hand long covid, a non-assessable but possible component and on the other hand the transmission and passing on of an infection, especially to people with previous illnesses, about whom we are still constantly afraid despite the boost.”

The Bergkamen woman is also worried about the behavior of people who still have not understood “that the pandemic is not about defiant reactions or maintaining conspiracy theories thanks to social media or selfish reasons”. It’s about life and solidarity – towards children, vulnerable groups and doctors, carers, etc.

She is not so worried about the health of her own family because she is largely protected. “But there is also the fear that the trust to test the kindergarten children regularly will be abused by parents not testing and sending their children to day-care centers with symptoms.”

With her words, the mother makes it clear what is currently preoccupying some families and what makes them angry in some cases.

It didn’t hurt at all: Charlotte, Annemieke, Henrietta and Elisabeth after the Covid-19 child vaccination. © Udo Hennes

By vaccinating their children, parents like Holzmann-Weckenbrock want to do their part to fight the virus. Sabrina Kampmann would also like to have her four-year-old son vaccinated as soon as he is five years old. She is worried about her currently unvaccinated children, who are “exposed to the virus and people’s behavior almost defenseless”.

Another mother from Bergkamen, who does not want to read her name in the newspaper, sees adults as having a duty when it comes to vaccination, who also protect children with a vaccination. Your children are only six and a half months and three years old – and therefore too young to be vaccinated anyway.

“The course of illness in the little ones is usually mild and, thank God, our children have no previous illnesses. Of course, they could also transmit the virus, but that’s why we and everyone around us are vaccinated from the age of twelve. “

Corona vaccination: Older children can decide for themselves

If the children are older, you can let them decide for themselves – as the Biernath family from Kamen does. The twelve-year-old son had a long time, reports mother Pia Biernath. At first he was unsure and that was okay for the parents too. They were always on hand to advise their son, just like the pediatrician.

The decision to get vaccinated after all, he made on his own. He has now been vaccinated, but can still be tested regularly at school. His younger sister (10) also wants to be vaccinated and is now allowed to do so.

Her children and also many children in the community had developed a sense of responsibility and wanted the vaccination not only to protect themselves, but also others. “It has a lot to do with doing this for Grandma and Grandpa. And because it makes a lot of things easier for them. ”The children of the Biernaths are passionate about sports in the club. “They want their hobbies and their lives back.”