HBO premieres documentary “Listening to Kenny G”, a portrait of one of jazz’s most beloved and criticized figures

“Listening to Kenny G”

“Listening to Kenny G” is part of the “Music Box” series created by Bill Simmons.

The HBO documentary “Listening to Kenny G” is part of the Music Box series, directed by Penny Lane (“Hail Satan?”) and executive produced by Bill Simmons (“Andre The Giant” of HBO, “Showbiz Kids”) , takes a humorous but incisive look at saxophonist Kenny G, the best-selling instrumental artist to date and possibly one of the most famous living musicians. The film investigates the artist formerly known as Kenny Gorelick, unraveling the fascination of the man who played jazz so smoothly that a whole new genre formed around him, and questioning fundamental assumptions about art and excellence in the process. In his own words, Kenny G speaks candidly about his musical background, rigid work ethic and controversial position on the jazz scene.

Through numerous interviews with renowned jazz critics, music teachers and writers, including a new in-depth and intimate interview with the artist, “Listening to Kenny G” is a multifaceted exploration of the two extremes between the musician’s critics and his super fans. , revealing a reflection on the broader idea of ​​artistic taste and on how our musical preferences define us.

“Listening to Kenny G”

Alternatively playful and investigative, the documentary traces the artist’s career through pivotal moments: playing “Songbird” on The Tonight Show, monumental record sales, crushing reviews, new fans on social media and his recent collaborations with Kanye West, The Weeknd, among others. Disregarded by the media and ridiculed by jazz standards, Kenny G nevertheless embraces those who demean him. Aware of how he is often seen, he strives to improve his work and move forward in an ever-changing musical landscape. “Listening to Kenny G” is a portrait of an obsessive musician who still practices three hours a day in an effort to outdo critics and satisfy fans, while also excelling in many of his hobbies, including golf, flying and investing.

“Listening to Kenny G”

HBO Documentary Films presents a Ringer Films production in association with Spinning Nancy. The series “Music Box” was created by Bill Simmons. “Listening to Kenny G” was directed by Penny Lane, produced by Gabriel Sedgwick, co-produced by Nickolas Hasse, executive produced by Bill Simmons, Jody Gerson and Marc Cimino and co-executively produced by Geoff Chow, Sean Fennessey and Noah Malale . For HBO the senior producer was Tina Nguyen and executive producers Nancy Abraham and Lisa Heller.

“Listening to Kenny G” opens on December 4th, on HBO Portugal.

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