Hermosillo: Imelda makes her hobby a complement to her livelihood | Sonora News

HERMOSILLO, Sonora.- In crafts, Imelda Mendez Espinoza has also found a occupational therapy, a livelihood.

With your own hands, Imelda -62 years old and resident of the Miguel Aleman Village he molds doll figures and different characters that he later sells on social networks.

For more than 30 years he has been dedicated to making crafts like fomi figures, hair bows and now flexible pasta figures.

A mixture of petroleum jelly, glue, glycerin and other ingredients, form this paste that with the help of various tools molds to turn them into detailed dolls or appliques of different figures.

I have always dedicated myself to making crafts. Before I made bows, figures with fomi, for 30 years, but the clients began to tell me to make figures with pasta and that’s how I started ”, he said.

Every day he spends several hours making these pieces, since has a client who asks for dozens, since she applies them in bows and tiaras; In addition, it has made shipments to other parts of the country.

• He claims that the hours go by almost without feeling them, since this is also his favorite hobby.


In her home, Imelda set up a space to work: He has the pasta ready to mold, paints, brushes and toothpicks, cutting board and different bows and stones to decorate his figures.

Too has taken advantage of social networks to offer its products, through its page “My creative art” share the figures you have.

“It is something that does leave and fill, for one who no longer has anything to do it is entertainment, a gain that does leave. My husband is a pensioner and if the pension does not reach us, well, I have where to get hold of it, that’s what we live on: From the pension and from my job ”, express.

It also manufactures custom orders and what the client requires.

Imelda has also taught other people to make and handle this pasta, so that they can find their own sustenance like her.

I would tell people like me to find something to occupy themselves with. Pasta is a job that does leave, I don’t even feel it, the hours are passing me and I don’t feel that time is passing, it relaxes me ”, he concluded.

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