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Have a hobbie Not only does it clear your mind of the activities that you must carry out on a daily basis both in your workplace and at home, but it also helps you improve certain skills and knowledge in certain fields in which you feel pleasure when you perform them.

Well, beyond entertaining, they can become allies to improve your productivity in various aspects of your life.

If you are one of the people who has a hobby or more, dedicate time to them, and if you consider that you do not have it, perhaps there is a talent that you have and you still do not pay due attention to it.

The portal Universia It reveals which of them improve or could increase your production, but first we will let you know the reasons why hobbies are worth having. The advantages are: it provides a less conflictive life, helps to have healthier relationships, increases creativity and healthy competition, avoids isolation and sedentary lifestyle., among others.

Hobbies help clear the mind, but also increase a person’s productivity (Photo: Freepik)


Here are the hobbies that can help you improve your productivity; Some might even help you find some hidden talent that you didn’t know about. Although there are more, we present only a few.


Walking, running, going to the gym or practicing any sport will help stimulate your brain, which will allow it to stay relaxed. This is beneficial not only for your health, but because it helps you forget about daily problems.


If you’re looking to keep moving, dancing is a good alternative. In addition, by learning to coordinate steps, your mind will be incentivized to be more creative with new things in the different dances. This hobby will help you to be disciplined and improve your mental and physical coordination.


This activity helps to discover things that we feel and do not easily express as our goals in life. Only by making a drawing can we bring out what we have hidden.


Being in the kitchen helps to de-stress and improve your mood. For this hobby it is required to be meticulous and follow the steps and quantities to prepare something. With it you learn skills such as prevention or knowing how to follow instructions.

A hobby allows very specific skills to be practiced, usually related to personal development and learning (Photo: Freepik)
A hobby allows very specific skills to be practiced, usually related to personal development and learning (Photo: Freepik)


Writing what happens to you every day, your thoughts and some text like a novel helps to improve creativity and written expression skills.


Contrary to what many people think, video games are not a negative hobby; On the contrary, they stimulate reflexes, spatial ability, concentration and determination. In addition, it teaches to work based on a goal.


With the hobby of gardening, you develop patience and learn to be careful with details. Likewise, Universia mentions that it teaches how to manage several projects simultaneously.


Yoga facilitates concentration, improves physical and psychological health, and increases spiritual and emotional well-being.


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