Hobbies that you can learn now, and will serve you for a lifetime


The “new normal” is coming soon. In less than we expect, we will see all those people we love so much, and while we wait for that day to arrive, it is time to be #JuntosEnCasa and take advantage of this time to do what we always wanted, but we never find the right time.

Hobbies are more than distractions from daily stress, they are new skills and habits that enrich our lives, and that bring us peace, excitement or joy. If you always had the concern of playing an instrument or growing your own garden, these products that we find in the online store of Liverpool They will help you take that first step.


Learn to play an instrument it has great health benefits. It helps prevent loss of memory and cognitive skills, because your brain creates different neural connections that compensate for those that are lost over time. This is because playing an instrument requires different areas of our brain to function simultaneously.

Learning at an early age is ideal, but you can enjoy the benefits of playing an instrument no matter how old you are.


A study conducted at the University of South Florida measured the effect of taking piano lessons in people between the ages of 60 and 85. After six months, those who had received these lessons showed a more robust increase in memory and the speed at which they processed information, verbal fluency, and other improvements to their cognitive functions.

Other advantages of playing the piano is that it strengthens the muscles of the hands, and helps to release stress.

Also, it is not necessary to attend face-to-face classes to learn to play the piano, you can buy a keyboard online in Liverpool and start using it from home by following didactic lessons on the Internet.

Here we leave you some keyboard options to start your training.

The Piano Digital Casio CDP-S100 It has 3 levels of sensitivity, it can be used connected to the current or with batteries, it has built-in speakers and its design is very slim.

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The Yamaha P-125 is a compact digital piano that offers excellent sound and a simple, minimalist design. It’s easy to transport and highly accessible, with a sleek, slim finish.

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If you are looking for a variety of sounds to create very different pieces of music, the Yamaha PSRE463SPA Portable Keyboard it will be your favorite “toy”. You can capture any sound and play it back from the keyboard, play along with a virtual backing band, and record your creations to USB. Creating different music has never been easier.

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And if you are already a fan of the piano, complement it with this pedalboard Yamaha FC4A made with materials of optimal resistance. It is practical and comfortable to use with digital pianos, keyboards, synthesizers, as well as stage pianos.

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Playing music before age 9 has even more benefits for cognitive health. Give your children a Children’s Keyboard Yamaha Remie PSS-E30 so that they begin now to cultivate this habit that will accompany them for the rest of their lives.

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You may think that playing the guitar is easier, but for many people it is considerably more complicated because each note requires two different actions to be carried out, with different hands. Playing the guitar is like cardio for the brain, and it has the advantage of being a more portable instrument. Prepare to be the life of the holidays (or camping trips) by learning and practicing this instrument.

Become an expert by playing this Fender FA 125 Dreadnought Electroacoustic Guitar

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And if you already have experience on the guitar and you are looking for something different, the Soprano Ukulele Sevillana 12 Frets. You will love its particular sound.

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Gardening has endless benefits, both for our health and for the environment. It is a low-impact hobby that will bring you a lot of satisfaction, and with the right tools you can plant everything from succulents to your own urban garden.

Work in the garden it helps you remember to spend time in the sun so you get the vitamin D your body needs (but don’t forget sunscreen). Plus, it lowers the risk of dementia, fights stress, and serves as an exercise, even if you don’t realize it!

Start building your own garden with this Zonana Toolkit. It has everything you need and more to get started in this hobby.

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Start practicing one of these hobbies, or give it to someone else. Buy any of these products at Liverpool.com.mx and receive it at your home (or whoever you want). play an instrument. Take advantage of this time #JuntosEnCasa to exercise your mind, in the future you will appreciate it.