Hogwarts Legacy will not be released until 2023 due to “problems” in its development

A new report suggests that Hogwarts Legacy will not arrive until 2023 because it has been delayed. All this due to certain “problems” that have affected its development.

The new game based on the Harry Potter franchise, Hogwarts Legacy, it seems that it will not come out until 2023. All because, apparently, it has been delayed due to “problems” in development, according to the latest rumours.

The news comes a year after Warner Bros. Games officially pushed it back from 2021 to 2022. They then claimed to be “developing the best possible experience for all magicians and video game lovers and for this reason we have to give our game the necessary time to make it possible“.

And the new news is almost the same, another year in which Hogwarts Legacy I wouldn’t see the light. At the end of 2021 they already said that it would not be released before April 2022, but this new rumor takes it to 2023.

The news comes, like some other times, from the Sacred Symbol podcast. your presenter, Colin Moriarty, has been the one who said during his broadcast:

I’ve been hearing behind the scenes that the game isn’t coming this year” and that “is in some kind of trouble“; although he has not specified what he means by the latter.

Moriarty he has simply dropped it through his podcast and for now there is no evidence of it. Like the word of Warner Bros. Games always weighs, we will see what happens from April 2022.

That the company decided to specify April 2022 leaves us with a fairly broad scenario. On the one hand, they might say that Hogwarts Legacy It would arrive from that month and in the coming months of 2022.

But on the other, the cruel reality that this rumor would certify. If they talked from their fiscal year, the game could be released from April 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023, date on which the FY would end.

With which, yes, these affirmations would make more sense from the Sacred Symbol podcast. Again, these are speculations and the last word has been with them since Warner Bros. Games.

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What hasn’t changed – let’s hope it doesn’t – have been the hogwarts legacy platforms. showed up for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4 y PS5but all this goes on.

If this is confirmed, or if the rumored PlayStation event in February is held without the game, it would be another setback for fans waiting for the game.

The title will be a third-person adventure through Hogwarts and set in 1800. This is long before Harry Potter o Newt Scamander, which would give a new perspective to the magical world.

For now, WB Games has not commented about this, though it’s not like they normally do. But, in December they anticipated news about the game for this year due to constant rumors.

While we wait, we leave you a preview with everything we know about Hogwarts Legacy, the promising Harry Potter video game.