How to defeat the Wither in Minecraft

We give you the best methods you can use to easily and quickly defeat the fearsome Wither in Minecraft.

Although for many years we have only had a great boss in Minecraft in the form of the Ender Dragon, after update 1.4 the developers gave us the possibility to also face the Wither, an undead boss creature that floats and shoots explosive skulls at anyone who gets close.

And it is that if you want to face this enemy to obtain a series of exclusive rewards, it can be done by placing soul sand, soul earth or a combination of both in the shape of a T, and on each of the extreme and central blocks a skull of Wither skeleton.

But here we are to tell you what the best methods to easily defeat the Wither in Minecraft, and these are tips that are going to be great for you.

How to defeat the Wither in Minecraft

Follow these tips to make it easier:

  • Whether you have encountered it or summoned it yourself, you should keep in mind that this enemy is much easier if it is within a reduced space, better underground or surrounded by walls in the Nether dimension.
  • When we face this enemy we surely have some altered state or an effect that makes us more vulnerable, but luckily if we carry a bucket of milk it will cancel all the effects that the Wither has granted us.
  • If we are going to face this enemy it is important that we have a good armor that prevents damage. We should try to have an explosion-proof armor from the skulls that he throws at us. You can also use the enchantment to prevent fall damage on our boots because it is likely that one of these explosions could hit us in the air.
  • And although there are many weapons that we can use against this enemy, you should prioritize above all the diamond-type sword or the netherite sword with some type of enchantment, since it does not make much sense to use bows because in the middle of the battle this enemy will raise a shield that will avoid projectiles.
  • When it comes to potions, there are many that we can use, but in our opinion the best ones that work are the strength ones and also the golden apples. The potion of strength is for you to use in the last section of the battle while the apples to combat different effects that the enemy throws at us.
  • It is likely that your first confrontations against the enemy can die, so it is advisable that you have a bed as close to the fight as possible. This will allow us to reappear very close to grab all those things that have fallen to us after death.
  • This enemy is capable of pursuing any other enemy, not just us, and that can be an advantage. Try to use the rest of the enemies as bait to attack him when he is clueless.

With these strategies, it will surely be much easier defeat the Wither in Minecraft.

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