How to factory reset Nintendo Switch and leave your console as new

We explain how to restore the factory settings of your Nintendo Switch and leave it as if it were new, in case you want to give it away, give it away or sell it. Keep in mind that there are two ways to do it: deleting the save data and keeping it.

Between the many Nintendo Switch console settings is the reset, that is, restore to factory settings and leave it as new. There can be many reasons for doing this: you want to give it away, sell or donate it; you want to preserve it by leaving everything as it came as standard; Or you simply want to leave it as a secondary console if you have bought a new model (like the Switch OLED, for example).

First of all, two things must be clarified: one, how much Nintendo Switch, como Switch OLED y Switch Lite, they have exactly the same software, so this method works for you whatever your Switch model is (here we explain more about how to transfer save data from one Switch to another).

And the second, what is there of the ways to reset to factory settings: without deleting save data, and deleting the save data for leave it as new.

How to Factory Reset Nintendo Switch

Without deleting save data

With this method, save data, screenshots, videos and user information they will not be erased, but all programs saved on the microSD card (except for screenshots and videos) will be rendered useless.

Use this method if you want to keep the console. If you are going to sell or give it away, it is best to delete all the save data, as we explain a little further below.

  • Make sure the console is off. If the console does not respond, press the Power button for twelve seconds to force it off.
  • When it’s off, press and hold the volume buttons (+ and -) on the top spine of the console.
  • Then press the Power button to turn on the console, while continuing to hold down the volume buttons.
  • You will see a recovery menu. Select “Factory Reset.”
  • If you have set a parental control password, you will need to enter it now.
  • Read the information on the screen carefully and select Continue – Factory reset without erasing the save data.
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Clearing save data

With this process all save data from the console will be erasedie programs, save data, screenshots and profiles. The saved programs that you have on the microSD card will be rendered useless, except for the screenshots.

No Nintendo accounts will be deleted (which you can continue to use on another console), but the console will unlink from them. Your Nintendo Account collects your purchase history and Nintendo eShop balance.

When the link back to a console After restoring the factory settings (either the same console or a different one), you will be able to download the programs and downloadable content that you had previously purchased with that account. You can also recover the data saved in the cloud.

If the console is factory reset without having it connected to the internet, it will remain registered as the primary console for your Nintendo Account.

Once that is cleared up, these are the steps.

  • Select Console Settings from the Home menu
  • Go down to the Console menu
  • Scroll down to “Formatting Options”. Here you will have to enter password if you have parental control.
  • Select “Factory Reset to erase all data in Settings memory.
  • Read the information on the screen carefully and select Continue
  • Select “Factory reset”

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