How to get the Platinum Set in Pokémon Shimmering Pearl and Shiny Diamond

In this guide we explain how to get the Platinum Pokémon Platinum Set in Pokémon Shimmering Pearl and Shining Diamond through the Mystery Gift feature, hurry up!

One of the novelties of the remakes of Shimmering Pearl Pokémon Y Bright diamond On Nintendo Switch it is the possibility of changing our avatar’s clothes. There are several sets of clothing with which to customize the player’s appearance, and most of them can be purchased in a store in Rocavelo City.

However, one of those sets, the platinum suit, inspired by Pokémon Platinum (the third version of this generation, the fourth, original from Nintendo DS) can only be obtained in another way, through the Mysterious Gift.

How to get the Platinum Set in Pokémon Shimmering Pearl and Shiny Diamond

The Platinum Set is a reward for being among the first to buy the game. If you bought it before February 21, 2022In physical or digital form, you will be able to claim the reward, unlocking the Mysterious Gift function.

When you get to Jubilee City, one of the first locations of the game, you must visit the television station Jubilee TV. After completing the first gym, you will be able to access this function.

You must talk to a man in sunglasses On the third floor of the building, choose the Everyone Happy Wi-Fi Connection option.

The Mystery Gift feature will then appear in the game menu. Inside give Receive over the Internet and the gift will appear on the screen. Remember to do it before February 21, 2022.

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Here we leave you the analysis of Pokémon Shiny Diamond and Shining Pearl on Nintendo Switch, a remake specially designed to activate the nostalgia of those who played the original Nintendo DS (majority audience of Switch today).

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