How To Learn Anything At Any Age

Credit, Surf Simply

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Tom Vanderbilt learned to surf at almost 40 years old

Tom Vanderbilt’s fascination with the lifelong learning process began with his daughter’s hobbies: piano, football, taekwondo. He wanted to encourage her in her new activities and accompanied her to classes and tournaments.

While she exercised her mind, he answered e-mails, had fun on his cell phone, or stared at nothing until his daughter was finished. And soon he recognized the hypocrisy of the situation.

“I was instilling in her the importance of learning all these different skills,” she says. “But she could have easily asked me, ‘Why don’t you do all these things then?'”

Starting with chess lessons, he decided to spend a year developing a range of new skills. He learned to sing, draw, juggle and surf.