I am Rada discarded Manu Viale’s hobby in one of the Match Game slogans

Manu Viale was once again part of the panel of famous guests invited to Match Game, but he did not count on the fact that Soy Rada was going to undo one of his favorite hobbies in the middle of the program in one of the slogans to solve. And when it did, it generated laughter among the participants who attended to play and the actress’s colleagues.

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It all started when the animator read from his card: “Manu Viale raises butterflies.” Instantly, the artist, feeling exposed since it was an unknown fact about her, could not help but laugh when listening to the driver. “Yeah guys!”he expressed while nodding his head.

“It’s true?”, Diego Gentile asked Manu. “It’s true”, she ratified. “But for! Because I didn’t finish! ”, warned Soy Rada to highlight: “Breeding. Raise butterflies ”. “And he enters the house in winter because of the cold”, Added to the information of the slogan, making the actress laugh again. “And she confirms this”He commented as Manu Viale nodded his head, again.

Seconds later, the driver looked to add in the same direction: “Not only that. Too….”. However, she could not help laughing when she read what she had to share in the program, generating great nervousness in the actress, which made her burst out laughing. “She knits them little coats and gives them something to drink …”. It was then that Soy Rada finally left that silence so that the participants could resolve the slogan.

Soy Rada shared that Manu Viale raises butterflies in Match Game. / Photo: eltrecetv

“Can you name them? Or not?”Diego Gentile wanted to know. “No! They are a lot and they are all the same! ”, Manu replied to the actor before his genuine doubt about it. “Of course, it does not identify them “the artist deduced. “Then they get offended… I’m not Juan Carlos! I’m Graciela! ”, I am Rada imitated a hypothetical chat among the butterflies.

Manu Viale opened up in Match Game about his desire to get engaged at Disney

Manu Viale was part of the Match Game celebrity panel for the first time and was the star of one of the show’s slogans. How could it be otherwise, the actress shared a peculiar anecdote that she experienced in the Disney theme park before her partner, Federico Freire, proposed to her before the mythical castle.

“When we organized the trip I said: ‘it’s a good place to propose to Manuela'”, the artist began to narrate. “No? Then I forgot! ”, Manu assured while the driver, Soy Rada, was completely immersed in his story. “I said: ‘If he is a rogue, if he knows me, if he knows, if it were Manuela the other person, I would propose to him,'” Viale said to the camera.

Then the animator added: “The law of attraction!” “Then I forgot! And I wasn’t expecting it! “Remarked the actress after having engaged to her future husband in the United States at the end of October, news that became known through her social networks.

As a result of this romantic situation, Manuela Viale became one of the slogans to be resolved both by the participants who attended Match Game to earn money as well as by the famous guests.